This week in Dead history

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This week in Dead history

Post by Brian129 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:39 pm

1990- Sep 14-20. The 6 night MSG run. My favorite run of all time.

My biggest problem is I can never decide which show I liked best. Each show had a very unique feeling to me.

14th: The first show without Brent I had seen in 11 years. They played like they had something to prove. Amazing Scarlet and Sugar Mag. Jerry does a kind of windmill during Fire.

15th: Bruce's first show as a full time member. A bit ragged in spots but what I remember is Jerry looking at Bruce and smiling at him the whole show, like he had a new toy to play with.

16th; Brent Tribute- He's gone, SOTM , Dew. Very emotional night

18th: Normal looking setlist but so hot. Bruce plays piano with his foot during Promised Land.

19th: Most likely the best show of the run. Smoking Jack Straw/Bertha to start. 20 something minute Franklins to end the 1st half. Amazing Let it Grow in the 2nd

20th: The logical and spiritual conclusion. 2 HR 2nd set. China/Rider for the ages. When they were closing with Touch I felt exhilarated but yet saddened that it was back to normal life after this night. I was ready for another 6 shows.

What a week :)

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Re: This week in Dead history

Post by bz » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:54 pm

My favorite run too!

Not a clunker of a show in the bunch, and lots of magic!

Oddly enough, everyone's favorite seems to be the 19th, with the 2nd set Let It Grow, etc - but I find this my least favorite night musically... weird I know...

The band was on fire for the whole run, and you did indeed mention the highlights of note -especially that "I Know You Rider"!

a few others - the 15th featured the only "Gimme Some Lovin" post-Brent, The excellent Promised Land you mentioned was preceded by an exceptionsal "To Lay Me Down" - and the jams pre-drums were unique and mystical.....

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Re: This week in Dead history

Post by 2pigpen » Tue Sep 14, 2021 6:04 pm

the run was interesting
I already had tickets in hand for a couple the shows in Europe I was going to see

very overwhelmed STILL by the passing of Brent
How would it sound?
Will they play Europe after all?
Could it still be good?

(truth be told I never liked casio keyboard dead - it never really sounded right to me)
They were on fire that week; because for the first time in years...
They were actually LISTENING to one another onstage again
That whole week you could hear Jerry turn on a dime and the band would follow
or Bruce would play a lick and Jerry (and the band) would follow it wherever it went

that 2nd Truckin' (final show) of the run was Europe 72esque! :guitar :guitar :guitar
interesting time in our lives
Till They Put Me Under
It's Festival Time

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Re: This week in Dead history

Post by hockeygame3 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 7:24 pm


Had the final and only Gimme Some Lovin' without brent

Tip of the hat to him :shrug

Just did not feel right to these ears :shrug

Hornsby's 1st official show and run so the band was jacked up

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