Eleven Rack

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Eleven Rack

Post by Space » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:09 pm

I noticed bob has been using one for a while now, anyone else have one and have dialed in some of Bob or Jerry's, or other cool tones? It would be very cool to share some rig settings.

I had picked one up a while ago because I wanted to put away my pedals for a while, and didn't realize Bob is using one also. I feel honored to have chosen the same piece of equipment.

I play often with this rig I saved....

Dist - Tri-knob Fuzz (I cant find a distortion I really like yet)

Multi-Chorus, low rate, high depth, 11 o'clock low cut, 1 o'clock width, 11 o'clock pre delay, sine waveform, 2 o'clock mix

Flanger, pre-delay 10 o'clock, depth noon, rate 10 o'clock, feedback 2 o'clock

BBD Delay, chorus, expanded delay off, input noon, mix 11 o'clock, feedback 1 o'clock, chorus 11 o'clock, delay 1'oclock

Roto Speaker, slow, balance noon, watery

Spring Reverb, mix 9 o'clock, decay 2 o'clock, tone noon

67 Black Duo Amp

2x2 Black Duo Cab

421 Mic's

Cool piece of equipment.
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