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I: Jam > Truckin > Love Supreme Jam > Playin in the Band > Queen Jane Approximately, K.C. Moan@3, Artificial Flowers@4, The Winners@ > Brown-Eyed Women
II: New Speedway Boogie > Mississippi Half-Step, This Time Forever > Shade of Grey > Hell in a Bucket > The Wheel > Bass/Drums, Jam > So Many Roads > Two Djinn > Corrina > Franklin's Tower
E: Brokedown Palace
"Slipknot!" intro to "Franklin's"; "Love Supreme" teases in opening Jam
First ''Brown-Eyed Women''; First ''Mississippi Half-Step''
(RatDog's 350th Show; Bob Weir's 350th Show; Jay Lane's 350th Show; Rob Wasserman's 350th Show)
I: Bass/Drums > Jam > Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > Picasso Moon > Saint of Circumstance Jam > Wang Dang Doodle > Dark Star (Instrumental) > All Along the Watchtower > Dark Star
II: Odessa4, Fever@4>5, Desolation Row@4>5>6, Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part 1@ > Let It Grow > Dark Star Jam > Jam* > Bass/Drums, Jam > Dark Star > Let It Grow > Sugar Magnolia
E: White Lightning+ > Touch of Grey
Show with DJ Logic (Turntables); +-with A.J. Santella (Percussion/Vocals); *-without Bob; DJ Logic sat out "Odessa" through the first part of "Let It Grow"; "Lucky Enough" hints out of "Let It Grow"; "Let It Grow" tease out of "Dark Star Jam"; "Other One" teases in the pre-"Bass/Drums" jam
First ''White Lightning''
I: Jam > Shakedown Street > Minglewood Blues, Mission in the Rain > Maggie's Farm, Walkin Blues > Brown-Eyed Women > Matilda Mother > Tomorrow Never Knows > Matilda Mother > Shakedown Street > Eyes of the World
II: Bombs Away@ > Artificial Flowers@ > Bury Me Standing@ > The Last Time > Iko Iko > Stuff > Knockin on Heaven's Door@ > Jam > Throwing Stones
E: Gloria
Bob on tambourine during "Iko"; Stuff - Jay/Jeff(percussion)/Robin/Kenny(percussion)/MK/Bob(tambourine)
I: Blackbird@3 > Twilight Time@5, Mexicali Blues@4>5 > Black-Throated Wind@ > Bird Song Jam > Jack Straw > Dark Star > Little Red Rooster > It's All Over Now > She Says > Liberty
II: Big Boss Man > Wrong Way Feelin' > New Speedway Boogie > This Time Forever > Shade of Grey > The Wheel, Stuff > Dark Star > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
E: White Lightning* > The RatDog Drinking Song
*-with A.J. Santella (Percussion/Vocals)
First ''The RatDog Drinking Song''; Next ''Twilight Time'' 6/9/2005 [115 shows]
(Mark Karan's 300th Show)

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