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Bob Weir (Furthur)
1/3/2010 - 1/12/2010
Don't Let Go*, Train to Cry*, Welcome to Jamaica Jam*, Sugaree* > Desolation Row*, For What It's Worth, The Weight, Hey Pocky Way, The Thrill is Gone, Stir It Up, Turn On Your Lovelight
Show with Rob Wasserman (Bass); Show with Jackie Greene (Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals); *-w/out Bob and Rob (Jackie played bass); Members of The Radiators also sat in; Robin was absent
Only ''Walk in the Sunshine''
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part I)
I: Jam > Greatest Story Ever Told, Black-Throated Wind, Walk in the Sunshine@ > Dark Star Jam > Playin in the Band > Looks Like Rain@, Mexicali Blues@, One More Saturday Night, Cassidy
II: When I Paint My Masterpiece, The Other One > Samson and Delilah > Bass/Drums > Come Together, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
E: Ripple
*-with Rob Wasserman (Bass); Robin was absent
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part I)
I: Shakedown Street > Easy Answers, Muleskinner Blues, Baby Blue, Walkin Blues, Book of Rules, Dark Star Jam > Big Railroad Blues
II: Peggy-O@, El Paso@, Friend of the Devil@, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Althea > Ashes and Glass > Stuff > Standing on the Moon > Dark Star > GDTRFB
E: Touch of Grey
Show with Rob Wasserman (Bass); Robin was absent
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part I)
I: Blackbird@3, Easy to Slip@3, Fever@3, Me and My Uncle@3, Josephine@3
II: I Shot the Sheriff*, Hand Jive*, Big Boss Man*, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*, You Can Stay but the Noize Must Go*, Stir it Up Jam*
Show with Rob Wasserman (Bass); *-with Richard Studd (Sax); Robin was absent
Previous ''City Girls'' 4/9/2008 [89 shows]
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part II)
I: Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Maggie's Farm > Queen Jane Approximately, Crazy Fingers, Brown-Eyed Women, Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Tomorrow Never Knows
II: City Girls@5, Me and Bobby McGee@4, Mississippi Half-Step > Uncle John's Band > Milestones > Bass/Drums > Morning Dew > GDTRFB
E: Johnny B. Goode
Show with Rob Wasserman (Bass); Robin was absent
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part II)
I: Jam > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Minglewood Blues > She Belongs to Me, Money for Gasoline, Loose Lucy, Jus' Like Mama Said > Bird Song, Liberty
II: The Winners@4, Victim or the Crime@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@5, Hell in a Bucket > The Wheel > Samson and Delilah > Stuff*, Dear Prudence+, Bird Song > Dark Star > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower
E: Brokedown Palace
Show with Rob Wasserman (Bass); *-with Richard Studd (Sax); +-with Bones Hillman (Bass); Robin was absent; Bob after the encore: "Next year"
(RatDog Daze 2010 - Part II)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
2/5/2010 - 3/13/2010
Bob Weir (The Healer Trio)
3/20/2010 2AM Club, Mill Valley, CA
All Along the Watchtower, Me and My Uncle, Little Red Rooster, Hippie on the Lawn, Knockin on Heaven's Door, Friend of the Devil, Not Fade Away
Bob Weir (Friends of Fields Fundraiser)
3/27/2010 Mill Valley Community Center, Mill Valley, CA
I: (Solo) Blackbird, K.C. Moan, FOTD, Days Between, Throwin Stones
II: (Pop Rocks) Standing on Shaky Ground, Maggie's Farm
Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
4/16/2010 Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL
Maggie's Farm, Me and My Uncle > Friend of the Devil, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Loose Lucy, Days Between > When I Paint My Masterpiece, Tomorrow Never Knows > Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Not Fade Away
tech problems and a Bobby story after Maggie's
Bob Weir (Climate Rally)
4/25/2010 National Mall, Washington, DC
I: (Solo) When I Paint My Masterpiece, Throwing Stones, Ripple*
II: (Jimmy Cliff) Save the Planet, Sitting in Limbo
III: (The Roots) Dancin in the Street
*-w/ John Kadlecik (fiddle) and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger (banjo)
Bob Weir (Fundraiser for the Perkins School for the Blind)
5/5/2010 Boston, MA,
I: Uncle John's Band, Sugar Magnolia, Ripple
II: (Solo Acoustic) When I Paint My Masterpiece, Loose Lucy
Bob, John Castillo (Drums + Vocals), Campbell Grousbeck (Bass), Anton Sviridenko (Violin), Andrew Park (Accordian) and chorus (all students at Perkins)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
5/24/2010 - 6/3/2010
Bob Weir (Furthur)
7/2/2010 - 7/11/2010
Bob Weir (Barbara Boxer Benefit)
7/18/2010 Sturdevant/Lawless Residence, San Rafael, CA
Bob Weir and Phil Lesh
Bob Weir (Furthur)
7/28/2010 - 7/30/2010
Bob Weir (Furthur)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
9/16/2010 - 9/26/2010
Bob Weir (Furthur)
11/8/2010 - 11/21/2010
Bob Weir (TedX Alcatraz)
12/1/2010 Temple Nightclub, San Francisco, CA
Masters of War > Bird Song
Bob, James Nash (guitar), Alisa Rose (violin), and Peter Gregson (cello)
Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
12/16/2010 Unknown venue, San Francisco, CA
Blackbird, Maggie's Farm, Easy Answers, Hi Def, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Friend of the Devil, New Speedway Boogie*, China Cat Sunflower* > I Know You Rider*, Sugaree*, Loose Lucy, Two Djinn, Solos, Dear Prudence, Not Fade Away
*-w/ Jackie Greene; Hi Def is reported to be a work in progress; Thanks MB and Dave Clark
(Benefit for Case de Milagros)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
12/30/2010 - 12/31/2010