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Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
1/3/2011 Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Easy Answers > Desolation Row, Blackbird > Friend of the Devil > Muleskinner Blues, Looks Like Rain > Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > The Other One > Bass/Drums > The Other One Jam > Scarlet Begonias > Sugar Magnolia > Scarlet Jam > Sunshine Daydream
E: Not Fade Away
Soundcheck: Superstitious, Easy to Slip, Desolation Row, Muleskinner, LL Rain, Shade of Grey, Sailor > Saint, Music, Other One, Black Peter, SOTM
Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
1/4/2011 Pool Deck, Jam Cruise,
Maggie's Farm, She Belongs to Me, Walkin Blues, Fever, El Paso, Corrina, Cassidy, Truckin, Josephine, Loose Lucy, Two Djinn, Stuff, Sugaree, Touch of Grey
"Walkin" through "Touch" w/ Steve Kimock
Bob Weir (God Street Wine)
1/5/2011 Theater, Jam Cruise,
Diana outro, Book of Rules, Dark Hollow, The Race is On, Dear Prudence
Bob Weir (Some Cat from Japan)
1/5/2011 Pool Deck, Jam Cruise,
All Along the Watchtower
Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
1/5/2011 Theater, Jam Cruise,
Friend of the Devil, K.C. Moan, Baby Blue, Me and My Uncle, Minglewood Blues, When I Paint My Masterpiece, The Winners, Easy to Slip, Jack Straw, Ashes and Glass, Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Iko Iko > Stuff, Knockin on Heaven's Door, The Other One, Franklin's Tower
"MAMU" through "GDTRFB" w/ Steve Kimock
Bob Weir (Bob Weir)
1/23/2011 ASCAP Cafe, Park City, UT
The Music Never Stopped > Me and My Uncle, Desolation Row, K.C. Moan, Victim or the Crime, Easy to Slip, Loose Lucy, Jack Straw, Corrina, Truckin, The Other One, Sugar Magnolia, Not Fade Away
"Corrina" thru "NFA" w/ Mickey Hart
Bob Weir (Furthur)
2/11/2011 - 2/13/2011
Bob Weir (Furthur)
3/4/2011 - 4/6/2011
Bob Weir (Chris Robinson Brotherhood)
4/22/2011 The Mystic, Petaluma, CA
Bright Lights Big City, They Love Each Other, Mr. Charlie, Sugaree
Bob Weir (First Fusion)
5/7/2011 Marin Center, San Rafael, CA
I: (Raising the Dead) Cassidy, Bird Song > Row Jimmy, West L.A. Fadeaway, Loose Lucy, Friend of the Devil@, Let It Grow > Bird Song > Cassidy
II: (Reinventing the Classics) Playin in the Band > Uncle John's Band > Dark Star > Jack Straw, Days Between, Dark Star > Uncle John's Band > Playin Reprise
E: One More Saturday Night, Ripple@, Attics Of My Life
Part I: Bob, Rob, Jay, Jeff, and Robin; Quartet San Francisco; additional strings, brass, and woodwinds; and a 10-voice chorus Part II: Bob, Rob, Jay, Jeff, and Robin; and the Marin Symphony (Giancarlo Aquilanti, conductor) "Attics" was a capella
Bob Weir (TRIday the 13th)
5/13/2011 TRI Studios, San Rafael, CA
I: The Music Never Stopped > Me and My Uncle, K.C. Moan, Looks Like Rain, Corrina, Friend of the Devil, Easy Answers, Days Between, Josephine > The Other One
II: Ashes and Glass > Two Djinn, Sugaree, Cassidy > Bird Song, West L.A. Fadeaway > The Other One > Bird Song > Cassidy
Show began solo Bob... Jay Lane and Rob Wasserman joined at "Corrina"... Jeff Chimenti joined at "Days Between"... Steve Kimock joined at "Josephine"... Robin Sylvester joined at "Ashes and Glass"... four-piece horns joined at "Sugaree"
Bob Weir (Wavy Gravy's 75th Birthday Bash)
5/14/2011 Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, CA
I: (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) They Love Each Other
II: Playin in the Band, New Speedway Boogie, Tennessee Jed, Sugaree, Brown-Eyed Women, The Other One, GDTRFB
Band included, at points, Bob, Jeff Chimenti, Robin Sylvester, John Molo, Mark Karan, Steve Kimock, Henry Kaiser (Other One?), Dave Schools (Other One?), Chris Robinson (NSB>TJ>Sugaree?), Neal Casal (NSB>TJ>Sugaree?), Barry Melton (GDTRFB?), and Nicki Bluhm (Sugaree,GDTRFB?)
(SEVA Benefit)
Bob Weir (Bob Weir)
5/28/2011 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA
I: Hell in a Bucket, Twilight Time, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Little Red Rooster, Blackbird, El Paso, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Rolling In The Deep*
II: Big Bad Blues, Friend of the Devil, Ashes and Glass, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Not Fade Away
E: Ripple
*-w/ Monet Weir
(Benefit for Ring Mountain Day School)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
6/3/2011 - 6/7/2011
Bob Weir (Bob Weir)
6/21/2011 Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, CA
The Music Never Stopped, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Loose Lucy, Corrina, Ripple
(Benefit for Earth Island Institute)
Bob Weir (Furthur)
7/15/2011 - 7/31/2011
Bob Weir (Bob Weir and Phil Lesh)
8/9/2011 AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
The Star-Spangled Banner
w/ Giants 3rd base coach Tim Flannery
(Giants versus Pirates)
Bob Weir (Bob Weir, Chris Robinson, and Jackie Greene)
8/20/2011 Folks Festival, Lyons, CO
New Speedway Boogie, Friend of the Devil, Ramble On Rose, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Catfish John, Tell Me Mama Tell Me Right, Appaloosa, Big Bad Blues, Sugaree, Peggy-O, Bird Song, Uncle Johns Band, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
E: Ripple
Bob Weir (Midnight Ramble)
9/2/2011 Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock, NY
I: (Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers) Jack Straw
II: (Bob Weir) Feel Like a Stranger, Maggie's Farm, Blackbird, Loose Lucy, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, Me and My Uncle, Dark Star*
III: (Levon Helm Band) Deep Elem Blues*, Attics of My Life, Tennessee Jed*, Ripple, Not Fade Away*, The Weight*
*-w/ Bruce Hornsby
Bob Weir (Bob Weir)
9/3/2011 Bearsville Theater, Bearsville, NY
I: The Music Never Stopped > Minglewood Blues > She Belongs to Me, K.C. Moan > Looks Like Rain, Peggy-O, Liberty > Corrina
II: Mississippi Half-Step > The Other One > Death Don't Have No Mercy, Ashes and Glass > Days Between > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away
E: Ripple
Bob Weir (moe.down)
9/4/2011 Gelston Castle Estate, Mohawk, NY
I: (Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers) Jack Straw
II: (Levon Helm Band) When I Paint My Masterpiece, Deep Elem Blues, Attics of My Life, Tennessee Jed, All on a Mardi Gras Day, Ripple, The Weight
III: (moe.) The Other One > Smokestack Lightnin > The Other One, Memphis Blues, Feel Like a Stranger
Bob Weir (Umphrey's McGee)
9/6/2011 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
Not Fade Away > Glory
Bob Weir (Slightly Stoopid)
9/13/2011 TRI Studios, San Rafael, CA
I Know You Rider, Baby I Like It, Ocean
Bob Weir (Furthur)
9/23/2011 - 10/8/2011
Bob Weir (7 Walkers with Bob Weir and Mickey Hart)
10/30/2011 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Mr. Charlie, New Speedway Boogie, Bird Song, Fever, Wang Dang Doodle*, Big Railroad Blues, Sugaree, Deal
*-w/ Maria Muldaur
Bob Weir (Furthur)
11/3/2011 - 11/21/2011
Bob Weir (Scaring the Children)
12/8/2011 142 Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley, CA
Friend of the Devil, K.C. Moan, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Peggy-O, Easy to Slip, Loose Lucy, Two Djinn, Fever*, The Other One*, Farther Up the Road*, I Shall be released*, Althea*, Dear Prudence*, Not Fade Away*
*-w/ Lukas Nelson and Christian McBride
(Benefit for Casa de Milagros)
Bob Weir (Chris Robinson Brotherhood)
12/15/2011 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Seventh Son, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Bright Lights Big City, New Speedway Boogie, Minglewood Blues
Bob Weir (Philharmonia)
12/18/2011 Bay Area Women's & Children's Center, San Francisco, CA
Sugar Magnolia, New Speedway Boogie, Big River, Peggy-O, Bring You Down, Never Satisfied, Uncle John's Band, Acadian Driftwood, Deep Elem Blues, Cumberland Blues, Sigh No More, The Wheel, Franklin's Tower, GDTRFB
E: Brokedown Palace, Angel Band
Bob Weir (Furthur)
12/29/2011 - 12/31/2011