7/2/1996 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Furthur Festival

Tuesday, July 2, 1996
Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Ratdog took the Stage after a long day of music at the first Furthur Festival, my first time seeing them.
Most didn't know what to expect, and I wasn't too familiar with bobby's solo stuff but soon I found that I would not be disappointed.
They kicked things off with Fever and slid into Miracle and Wang Dang Doodle without a pause then we got a sweet Blackbird, a Boss Man and a Minglewood.
Now things were starting to cook !
Weir then threw me a curve tossing out Should have been me and Shade of Grey both Tunes I wasn't hip to.
Then they brought the energy back up with a Beautiful Cassidy straight into Wasserman's impressive Bass Jam and closed out with Josephine
Then after a great day of music and fun in the sun, I got back to my Car to discover that my headlights no longer worked !
I had to abandon my car in the Blossom Parking Lot and hitch home (120 miles !) I still don't know whatever happened to the car !Lucky it was a Junker !

the highway terror, coshocton ohjo