8/12/2001 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

So Many Roads Festival

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Star Lake Amphitheatre
Burgettstown, PA


It has been since November 2000 since I saw Ratdog so I was geared up to see them. I was suprised there was not that many people at the show, it was only pavillion seating. I guess since it was on a Sunday no too many people went.

First off I would like to say Rusted Root is not one of my favorite bands. A lot of younger Heads seem to like them, but I remember when they opened up for the Dead at Three River Stadium in 95, they were horrible! They still don't impress me. Their music is geared for the Disney Classic, Lion King. that would be nice if they only played 3 songs. The other guy playing acoustic guitar was entertaining at first but he also was playing too long, he is no Woody Guthrie!

OK, enough with bashing the opening acts, lets get to some Ratdog! They opened the show in a traditional manner with a tight Jack Straw and they suprised me with Birdsong, I come to love that song. Corrina was played acoustic for a nice change. Dear Prudence started off slow but it gained energy and excitement as it progressed. Help/Slip proved that Ratdog can jam with their own style, which I loved. Franklin's Tower was great, but I have to say my favorite song that night was Throwing Stones. Yeah I know Ratdog plays that all the time but this Throwing had so much energy it was the best Throwing Stones I heard!

Since the last time I saw Ratdog Bobby has become an active leader of that band, he takes initiative to lead the band. Bobby still knows how to be a showman! I thought Ratdog sounded great! All they had to do is play an encore and I would have been fullly satisfied. Ratdog should at least play 20 minutes longer and cut the time of the opening acts. Only a select few came to see Rusted Poop, oh I'm sorry Rusted Root.

Overall Ratdog proved they are a good band, they have a group af talented musicians. The chemistry is there they have there own unique sound. The best is yet to come!