8/21/2001 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

So Many Roads Festival

Tuesday, August 21, 2001
Nautica Stage
Cleveland, OH


I thought the evening was very entertaining. All the groups that opened for Rat Dog did a great job. On the news today there was stufff about a bad scene in the lot with many cops involved. My friend's band was supposed to play outside after the show but they were cancelled because there were fights going on. The music was great, but the crowd was much larger then expected in the lot and it caused some problems. I had a good time, but I like nearbye and know the territory enough to watch what I do.

Overall Fun Show.

Cecil, Cleveland, Ohio
I arrived at 2:00 , parked the car, and walked around the flats taking in the sites, sounds, and air. Then I hit the patio bar at TGI Friday's along the water. Who would of thought, everything was perfect. About 6:00 I hit shakedown, and greeted Weir's bus rolling in. Bobby's wife was standing behind the windshield holding her belly. Then a punk accused me of being a cop. I thought all the pin heads filtered to phish, but apparently not so. Finally, I grabbed the tapping equipment from the car, and headed in. There was no room behind the board, so I set up the stand on the upper bleachers. The sound up there was perfect. The crowd was calm and quiet. I was fired up for a good show. When they opened with Jack Straw, I was afraid of a similar Pittsburgh set from 8-12-01, and sure enough it led into Bird Song. "It was much tighter in Pittsburgh, Weir was on FIRE in Pittsburgh." Odessa was the tightest I've ever heard. About now I was shaking my Knees. A refreshing sweet Blackbird followed into one of my favorites, Artificial Flowers, Bourbon street style. Wow! What a surprise, During an incredible Mission in the rain, a massive freight liner floating behind the stage, blew his whistle in tune with Kenny Brooks. My first Mission, and it's a keeper! Easy to Slip was a classic sing along with a long entrance into Supplication. Better background vocals than in Pittsburgh, Although by now, Weir's vocals were too low. They didn't catch it until the end of the show. Another treat, this watchtower was very hot. Chimenti was smokin' I heard some Brent licks within. I smiled when they went back into Bird Song. The bass/drum solo was very short. Weir was up to something..... A powerful Wasserman in Throwing Stones. Man did it get loud. Not fade away got Jay Lane banging away, I was waiting for him to scream. By now Bobby' s vocals were turned up, and they went backstage. The crowd stomped and clapped for about 60 seconds, and the boys returned for their 5th encore this tour: Johnny B. Goode. Karan put the "Boogie" into this song, and it was perfect, and so were the tapes. The whole day was perfect.

Thank you for a great show