9/2/2001 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

So Many Roads Festival

Sunday, September 2, 2001
Bumbershoot Festival
Seattle, WA


Only had the opprotunity to go to the Red Rocks and Bumbershoot shows. This was my first summer in which I felt the desire to dance again, and Bobby did not disapoint. Red Rocks with is natural beauty is enough to make any show memorable, but the 30 or 45 minute acoustic jam with Kellar and Bobby just was out of sight, for someone who had thought music dead, they awoke the spirit in me and turned my light back on. The energy of the crowd was there, feeding the band, everything about the Red Rocks show was GREAT....EVERYTHING!!!

Bumbershoot was more of a subdued crowd, The show was just yesterday and I am still trying to remember the set list but the highlight in my book was the Not Fade and So Many Roads encore. I eagerly await the winter tour on the west coast and hope the Pacific NorthWest will not be forgotten, we still love Bobby ( and Phil, Mickey, Billy, and Vince) up here, and they are missed, so please come back soon.


The date was September 2, 2001 at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music Festival. I was sick that day and almost didn't even go, but a friend of mine pushed me to go since I had already purchased a ticket; I only bought a ticket so I could see Ratdog perform, so I went. I lived really close to Seattle Center and I began walking down to the stadium where they were playing and I heard their song, "Even So" and I got the chills. As I entered the venue they started playing "Estimated Prophet", my favorite Dead song, and I was thrilled. I stood near the middle and over to the right of the stage and danced and just had a blast and forgot all about my illness, and THAT shows how good Ratdog is: They cured my sickness.

So after the show I saw Jay Lane, the drummer, and he saw me and we met near the stage and he gave me a hug and we chatted for a few minutes (I had previously met him earlier in the year when they played at the Showbox, but that's another story in itself), and then I left. As I walked out of the stadium I glanced back and Jay was still looking back at me. It made my entire day. Jay Lane is the nicest (and sexiest) guy ever. And one thing is for sure: Music can cure anything. It sure did in my case.

Johanna, Seattle
I was at the Bumbershoot walking around and heard RATDOG was playing a couple hours after we got there.....I was SO excited. We danced in the very front middle and I saw this old man dancing like crazy with a sticker on that said "Special Today" :) It was fantastic. My boyfriend had to go to work but left his brothers 18 year old girlfriend with me that had never heard their music. We had the best time and it was a beautiful day. Thank u for the wonderful memories.

Susan, Indiana