10/2/2001 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 2, 2001
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI


The Providence show at Lupo's kicked ass!!! The Dead and Rat dog have always rocked the world in this little city!! I'm so glad that I live in Newport RI , because it's a short drive home but with killer set lists to talk about every time!! The west coast rocks more often but it's nice to know that they still kick it for us in Prov." Jah bless you all!! PEACE!!!!!!!

Good venue, Bad sound. No hassles. Extra long show Started at 9pm ended at 12:45. Lots of grooving. Bobs voice as good as its ever been. Mission was very soulful. US Blues with flag wavers at the end. I love America