3/10/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, March 10, 2002
Cultural Center
Scranton, PA


I rolled into a blustery Scranton and stayed in a hotel just outside of the city itself. Making my way into Scranton and finding the venue was a unique challenge all its own, for that section of Scranton was entirely composed of one way streets that the map didn't seem to show. Finally finding the Cultural Center and then a parking spot about seven blocks away, I started towards my first show of the year. The cold wind diminished any hopes of an outside scene, and as soon as the doors opened everyone fled for cover. The room itself wasn't all that big and was completely dominated by a stage that could have suited a space three times that in which it was located. The ceiling was ornate, showing the full awe-inspiring power and beauty of any Masonic Temple. Since it was a general admition show, the place was packed to the point that one could really dance if one wanted to and the usual safety zones were just as jammed as down in front. The vast majority of the audience seemed to be high school kids that tried to hard to "fit in" with the hemp dresses and tie-dyes that looked like they were bought just the previous day. Most of the songs were lost on our younger generation as the older seemed right at home. The band seemed like they felt the odd combination of an over-packed house and younger vibe and the result was a solid show but no real stand out, all out jams. They just seemed reserved and content to play the show and move onto warmer spots.

Bob, without fail, always seems to drag up Dylan songs that have been lost in the fog of my memory and show just why I liked the song in the first place. Ratdog played an intense rendition of Dylan's Stuck in Mobile with intensity that Dylan has but the clarity of anyone else. A great song played by another great band.

I was at first skeptical of DJ Logic and the role he would play and if anything would be lost by his presence. The second set jam had the slight undertones of a techno dance club and the effect wasn't lost on me. I really enjoyed it and here's hoping that he sticks around.

All around, it was a good show in a mountain coal town.

Stash, Arlington, VA
OH, it has been a few years since this show but I had some time and was sitting here reminessing, (spell Check) Anyway, I will have to agree with the above poster in just about all of his review but from a FRONT ROW perspective things weir a bit different.. There was nothing lost here when it came to the excitement and verocity at which the band had decided to attack this venue. I still have the Spit covered shirt to prove this, (Thanks Bobby) There were a many a youngester on hand tonight but hey, that is how I found the dead back in the mid 80's. As a long haired leaping nome. I coached a pair through on their first concert and explained how important it will be for them to aquire this show for future listening. I am sure that anyone with this sb will agree. For as cold as it was outside it was the opposite on the inside. Luckily as always at this venue. I had my backpack full of Iced water on hand. This helped to declare me KING OF THE FRONT ROW. Having local connectiions never hurts. What a night.. To make things all the better I had Just come off the Hammerstine show which was Just as Good but seen from the balcony. As many times as I have been there it never gets old. If my back can take it, I am up front. These shows at the cultural center seemed to have made their way about 45 minuets south of Scranton and are now played at Penns Peak.. Never one to complain about the Peak, but I still miss that 5 minuet ride to saftey. 5 stars

Billy Sweeney, Scranton, Pa