3/30/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 30, 2002
The Met
Spokane, WA


This show was great from beginning to end. The boys came out with a high octane first set. Particularly hot were Stranger, Dark Star, Let it Grow & GDTRFB. This first set had a second set-type of feeling to it, in that the jams were full and developed. The second set didn't quite maintain the momentum of the first. This isn't to say that the second set was in any way bad, but the first set was just too amazing! The acoustic BT Wind was very sweet. Kenny took hold of the reins and drove Eyes to amazing heights. Get the tape and listen to his solo. Bobby made He's Gone and Terrapin his own (vocally speaking). Sat Night and US Blues were well played and ended the evening on a rockin note.

I was a curious about how DJ Logic would fit in to the fold. I was quite pleased with his contributions. He added so much to the opening jam and the drums/bass sections. All in all a great mesh with the rest of Ratdog. What I did find sort of weird was the song selection. They didn't play any Ratdog tunes. Bottom line: this was the best Ratdog show I've seen to date.

Kid Pajamas, Calgary, Canada