5/22/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Louisville, KY


WRS got the crowd groovin and singing as a killer Let It Grow formed to go in to a very welcomed Dark Star (first set! woohoo). Nice spacy jammin; Bob seemed to be havin fun. Watchtower was pretty standard yet ragin all the same. Matilda Mother sandwiched with Tomorrow Never Knows was good, my first Matilda and I was impressed. However, the Lucky Enough > Big Boss Man was very tight; the band was connected at this point. Boss Man was too fun, then a slammin Playin to close the set (but ah to reappear in set II ;) ) Setbreak was not too long.

The show was moved from the Palace to Jillian's which is a weird place. It's like a restaurant upstairs and then a club downstairs, and in the club part with the stage there's a big square bar in the middle that was a popular spot during break.

I worked my way up to the stage and got creamed with a spectacular Masterpiece. Miss. 1/2 Step was a fun dance then things got intersting with Wrong Way Feelin into a killer Est. Prophet. The other one was very sweet then a Bass/Drums with the bow on the bass gave me whiplash I think from dancin so hard. I was smiling big time and then BOOM--Dark Star again! Wow o wow, I was like man this is too friggin kool. Then BOOM Playin again! Wooohoooo man the crowd was hyped now. A rockin Throwin Stones (on the way to the show i was listening to the Ratdog show from 8/9/95 when Bobby sings "We're on our own" over and over and hearing him do it 5 feet from me brought killer chills to my body) ended the set; A short encore break then Touch closed night.

Although I'm sad I didn't get to go The Palace (and use my orchestra pit seat : ) ), Jillian's was a blast and the band was a rockin; I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Peace

Steve, Lexington, KY
I'm a fan, a Head, a Ratdog aficianado, and I love the boys in the band. But last night's show was abysmal due to the venue. The acoustics... well hell, there were no acoustics. A transister radio at full volume would have matched the quality of the audio last night. The guys tried their best, but I mean it was embarrassing. I felt bad for the band. At least I had the choice to leave, and did, during "Estimated." I would never in a million years have thought walking out of a show like that. The boys up there had no choice but to bite the bullet and gut it out. And they did, to their credit. But please, do not ever play a piece of crap venue like Jillian's ever again. It's a true disservice to all involved. I feel vaguely ripped off, with no animosity, because I understand that there could be some dude out there who thought he had the time of his life last night. So, the show must go on. And I apologize for the bitchin' because this group of individuals has provided me with so many moments of pure, unadulterated bliss, and I've never taken the time in the past to say that. So there!!! A small smudge on the frock to be forgiven. Just don't do that to us again!!! : )

Sonny D, Dayton, OH