7/6/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, July 6, 2002
New Morning
Paris, France


Well, I used to have a motto: If a show is within 500 miles, I'm there. That was back in those golden glory days; now I'm maried with two kids it ain't so easy. But man oh man, after the Paris show I wanted to just jump back on the bus!!! Wife would't let me though. The New Morning is a fantastic little club. The capacity is 700 or so, and since Bobby had no Parisian publicity, there we were about 400 happy go-lucky fans and a few Parisians sitting down. Shivers went down my spine as Bobby and the band wiggled into Stranger. Now I havn't seen Weir since the last GD New Year's show 91/92 at Oakland Arena. This was far from the 16,000-seat arena--a little bar jamming with bottles a-clankin. It was a great place and a solid first set. Even now Bobby looks a little grown-up, should I say, he and his band amazed me and everyone else in there. Picasso Moon brought me back to the Frost shows--nostagia yes but this band is on fire. The Tennessee Jed was I think The best one I ever heard, and the a capella Aiko into jam land just phenominal. Ahhhhhh break time... met some friends. In fact everybody there was mighty friendly; I miss that part of it here in Paris. Second set--what can I say. Everybody's smiling... K.C. Moan, cowboy classic Me and My Uncle into a very sultry jazzy Parisy Fever. My French wife was even dancin for Ramble On Rose. Terrapin--sign of things to come (sure wish I could go to Alpine). Saturday night as always rocked the place down to a Brokedown Palace. Wow, thanks guys. Come again.

Thomas Gutt, Paris, France