9/13/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, September 13, 2002
Skin Pool Lounge
Las Vegas, NV


It is never a disappointment when Bobby swings through Vegas, but this time it was an extra special treat. Over the past few years, Ratdog has made their usual stops at the Hard Rock and the shows have always been real tight. For these guys to play an outdoor show in Vegas at a new venue really set a new vibe to the scene. After a week of unescapeable media coverage of 9/11 I really needed a release, and anticipation for the first show of the new tour was the positivity I really needed. And it was awesome. The scene was real mellow and the venue was small but when Ratdog kicked into the first few riffs of Truckin', we all knew good things were about to happen. The sound was perfect and the temperature was about 80 so to be poolside in Vegas you couldn't ask for much better. The whole show was real tight and I hope Bobby plays more outdoor shows when they swing through Vegas. See Ya!

Tommy Czajkowski, Las Vegas, NV
This show was S-M-O-K-I-N-G hot to say the least. The venue was really trippy too. Now that's a pool party. If this place had a roof Bobby and the boys would've definently blown the thing off. Karan was on fire hitting it all, especially in the melting Sugar Mag, Truckin, Loose Lucy, Big Boss Man, Dark Star, and then the blow-you-out Odessa all in the first set, yeah! Then came the second set; I literally was melting. Thank You Ratdog, it was so worth the trip from San Diego. And oh yeah, my best tie dye buying experience ever--buying the nicest dye in front of a bank of slots. "Priceless."

Deadchef, San Diego, CA