9/21/2002 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

ekoostik hookah opened

Saturday, September 21, 2002
Frontier Ranch Music Center
Kirkersville, OH


The setlist tells the tale. What the setlist does not adequately reflect is how cool this venue really is. Bobby had a view of the moon just over the trees on a clear perfect night somewhere in the middle of Ohio. In fact, during Minglewood, T for Texas.... Yes and it's T right here in #$$%^&*^^*# where are we???? Bobby sure didn't know nor did he seem to care as the band made it's way through a high energy rockin' first set. Highlights for me were the Miracle which featured a nice little jam toward the end and the Weather Report Suite > Let it Grow which left everyone with one of those "how are they gonna top this" kind of feelings. Needless to say, they did top that with one monsterous second set that began with a beautiful El Paso and a fun Corrina (I love this song accoustically). The set took off from there maintaining a high level of energy throughout. There is no way to pick a highlight as this show left us all smiling in the mid-Ohio moonlight.... Enjoy the rest of the tour everybody, the Dog is barking in a big way!!!

SRG, Cleveland, OH