2/5/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, February 5, 2003
Nita's Hideaway
Tempe, AZ


Well, Bobby sure pulled of a great show last night. I would go as far as to say itís the best show I have seen in many years. Bobby is looking good, but a touch of grey has caught up to him. He may look a bit older and maybe a little balding, but his music has sure matured. Maybe itís just that he is finally able to step out of Jerryís shadow. As for Jerry though, Bobby sure did pay homage to him last night! Almost half the songs played were Jerryís and Bobby pulled them of with style. Now on to my song by song review:

Shakedown opener! Wow would have been great, but I was still in the Will Call line from HELL. Nitaís needs to do something about that! Baby Blue!!!! This would have rocked too, BUT I was still in the Will Call Line from HELL. The Music Never Stopped I am sure was incredible, BUT I was still in the Will Call Line from HELL. Youngblood!!!! I am SO pissed, I love this tune and until just now I had no idea he even played it, wanna know why? I was still in the Will Call Line from HELL! Now I finally had my Tickets in hand four songs into the first set, yeah! (BTW at this time Bobby, musta been Bobby, had the venue sell off the last hundred tickets for $1 each!) Anyway, I was to excited to get in that I shrugged it all off as I heard from the door Bobby burst into Loose Lucy with a fervor. It was really tight, kinda strange to hear Bob singing it but what the hell! After Loose Lucy wound down Bob turned it down a notch and broke into Little Red Rooster. At this time I was dead center, Newcastle in hand, and the song had not sounded better to these ears in years! At some point during Red Rooster, I managed to find a spot a little closer and easier to see. The jam was moving on strong and nobody could even guess what was to come. At the change up, I could have sworn that we were going to hear a Bird Song, but at the last second in homage to his mentor and all that were there and came before, he slipped right into a Dark Star, lyrics and all. This jam was sweet! Of course I missed Jerry, but Bob once again pulled it of and well. At this point Dark Star was winding down, and I along with most the rest were wondering what he was gonna slip into next. Burry Me Standing was very good, great jam but very reminiscent of West LA Fadeaway. Bury Me Standing winded down and the crowd was wild to know what was next. So was I, I might add. Bobby took this time to really freak me out when he busted into Scarlet Begonias and he did it well, very. Now this was the first time I had ever seen Bobby sing the song and also it not being followed by a Fire on the Mountain. At this point the band needed a smoke and called a break. So did everyone else (except me... I still donít smoke two years now) because Tempe has this silly new law. No smoking in any public place, bars included! This was really odd to me though, to see this band and not even a cigarette was burning (of course I could still smell the Kind).

Bobby walked on the stage and picks up his acoustic, being out west, I had a good Idea of what was coming. I knew we would get at least one cowboy song that night. From the first notes of El Paso the crowd went nuts. Bobby has a way with this song and itís always s favorite to hear. Now after El Paso, the band was still retuning and fiddling about, then Bobby had them break into not one of my favorites but I think he may have changed my mind that night about it. Corrina was tight! She flowed perfectly and sounded a much more mature song then its usual standing as my bathroom break. Now coming out of Corrina I was not prepared for what was next. Those that know me well know that I just love this song for many reasons but when Bob broke into Masterpiece, I was astonished on how incredibly he does it. I have heard it a million times but it seems to always get better but then again, it sure has been a long hard ride! Now Mississippi Half-Step was always a treat back in the day, and it sure was that night too. The Estimated that followed grooved with a passion straight into the greatest sing-along. The crowd favorite Uncle John's Band brought the crowd together and in sync for what was to come. At some point the hand of Jerry reached down from the heavens and touched Bobby in a way that I never expected and still have hard time believing. But when I heard the first few lyrics to Standing on the Moon shivers went up my spine and tears welled into my eyes because I know, that where ever Jerry is, be it in heaven or just Standing on the Moon, He would rather be with you! As I closed my eyes and listened to the music, in my mind I could hear Jerry singing along with Bob and even feel his much missed presence. As Bobby always loves to do, he then brought The Music Never Stopped back around then into a Smoking Lovelight! This just rocked; everyone was going crazy. At this point I was at the bar grabbing another Pint and I could not help but just dance. Well, neither could the bartender; she was getting down with the rest while slinging beers for the thirsty. The band finally wound it down to a softer jam and dedicated the song to Bobbyís long lost friend and band mate Pigpen who showed us all how bright that Lovelight could shine. After a lengthy jam, the band called it a night and leaves the stage. The crowd was still going nuts as the band retook the stage for an encore. Now this encore is fitting the times we are living in, but as many songs he did that night it too was unexpected. US Blues was sweet from the first note till the last. The roadie was even proudly waving the stars and stripes from the stage. The Band played it long and hard with no holds barred. The band ended the night perfectly. We all wished for more as the house lights went up but new the evening had culminated and it was time to move on to the next town.

Marty, Phoenix, AZ