4/17/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, April 17, 2003
Jannus Landing
St. Petersburg, FL


What a beautiful evening. The weather couldn't have been more pleasant. I must say that I never was able to walk up to a venue, go through a very low key security, and hang a left and be right up in front five feet from stage until Thursday night. Jannus Landing is the most wonderful venue, and the sound was impeccable. Just the night before my wife Laure asked me to find a really long Dark Star to get lost in while we did a project. Well I'll be darned if Bob didn't supply us with that Dark Star that she had yearned to hear. What a treat as the mystery and beauty of Dark Star reared it's head throughout both sets. Jack Straw was as beautiful and powerpacked as ever wished for. The Little Red Rooster about chilled me to the bone only to be outdone in the second set by The Other One that packed so much energy and such a wollop that it just about knocked my soul right out of my body. "Comin Comin Comin around y'all Comin around Comin around." WOW! The Half-Step, one of my personal favorites, had me in tears. Hearing 1500 people sing "Across the Rio Grande-o / Across the Lazy River" left me all teary-eyed and emotional. I think that sentiment prevailed throughout the house for those few moments in time. The Dear Prudence was a beautiful surprise. Cassidy is always beautiful. To close down the night we planted a weeping willow on the bank's green edge. Oh how beautiful. Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul. You know at some point in my life I began to be a bit critical of a show I would see or a recording I would hear, but this show reminded me that every minute we get to spend gracing these guys' presence is a blessing. We never know what news we may receive on any givin morning that could change ones course of Life. "Fare You Well / Fare You Well / I Love You More Than Words Can Tell / Listen To The River Sing Sweet Songs To Rock My Soul." Beautiful!

Timothy Gilliam, New Port Richey, FL