4/29/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, April 29, 2003
House of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC


Took my daughter to her second show—she saw her first on her 18th birthday (The Other Ones Nov. 14 in Roanoke)—and you can say at the least she was very impressed. We were 10 feet back center Bobby, and the crowd was at one with him. Stranger was sweet then to Easy Answers on to Baby Blue (which I thought was gonna be Queen Jane). Loser was so good,I thought Bruce was hiding in the background. Easy to Slip was really smooth into Odessa into a really funked up (but on the mark) Deep Elem. LA Fadeaway ended the first set. My daughter asked me if they do 2 sets.... I said oh yes, ain't it grand.

The second set was opened acoustic with El Paso into The Winners (with Bobby and the guys strapping on the electric axes mid song... too cool). Went into Tennessee Jed, slipped into Even So, and October Queen (does Bobby like drag queens hee hee). The Deep End played well, then a beautiful space, wandered to The Other One, which really turned us on, then Wharf Rat decided to make an appearance. Lovelight rocked the house,and the encore was The Weight. I'm 52, and I saw my first show in Berkeley in march 1970, and I have been hooked since then.Thanks to Bobby,and the guys....rock on.

Chip Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC