5/10/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, May 10, 2003
Houston, TX


This show was absolutly ripping. The set list was scorching and the boys were just rocking out all night long. This was a straight up bar show, and it carried a certin roadhouse rock-out vibe, but there were also some incredibly blissed out jam sequences. Just look at the setlist: Dark Star all over the place and a China Cat>Rider 1st set blowout. Needless to say this night was a keeper!!

Kyle, Houston, TX
YYeeooWWWW!!!! This was HOT! As soon as the band jammed into Dark Star for an opener I was pumped. The venue was small and the fans kind, and the vibe was as hot as the Texas night. The band was as tight as it gets. Cracking open Cassidy in the first set, jamming in and out of Dark Star two more times and closing the second set back into Cassidy. With a China Cat>Rider and a second set full of southwest flavor, ending it off with One More Saturday Night... this show rocked!

Troy, Houston, TX