7/25/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Fuji Rock Festival

Friday, July 25, 2003
Naeba Ski Resort
Niigata, Japan


There were I think 7 stages. The place was MASSIVE. Steady downpour all day. Surreal surroundings at the Field of Heaven stage where the band played. Cool walk through the forest on a nice wooden boardwalk, lights, disco balls, electric flamingos and, mushrooms. But the rain was really coming down.
     I couldn't believe my eyes as I broke out of the forest and onto the field. There couldn't be more than 1500 people in front of stage and the surrounding tents as the 1st set lifted off. Started slow I think cause the rain was makin it a little difficult. But they soon figured that out and really started rollin. Marc Ford from Ben Harper's band joined in for an extended jam of Big Boss Man, Playin in the Band, and October Queen, then they finished the first set with style.
     I was happy. Japanese fans were happy. But the field wasn't so happy. Had to dance through big puddles of rain that were getting bigger by the minute. Oh well. Who cares right? Met another American, Super Dave, and we had a few brews etc. Cool guy. A few more people were there now but still very comfortable. The stage area in the forest was perfect.
     Anyway, I don't know if Ratdog felt sorry for us because it was raining so hard or because they are just the ultimate pros, cause they came out ripping in the 2nd set and never let up. When they started Shakedown Street the rain even stopped! Divine intervention perhaps. Then it just go better & better... Minglewood Blues > Eyes of the World > Dear Prudence > Bird Song > Cassidy > Touch of Grey E: Brokedown Palace.
     Maybe it was the atmosphere, the place (the forest & Japan), the rain, or all of the above. But that 2nd set was as hot as it gets. Thank you VERY much gentlemen for an awesome show. (mata rainen - see you next year) I hope.

Chris, Phoenix, AZ