8/25/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, August 25, 2003
Stables Theatre
Milton Keynes, England


Another great show, but how very different from Friday night. The Stables is set out in the countryside outside Milton Keynes. A very small venue with 396 seats. It was nice to arrive on a warmish Bank Holiday Evening night to see Bob and the rest of Ratdog standing outside the stage door just talking and having a look around. The whole place seemed very casual.
Very promptly at 7pm they took the stage, and it was clear there was a different vibe for a Monday night show after a long weekend. It was more chilled and laid back. The set built with a gentle start of "Feel like a Stranger" moving into "She belongs to Me." By the end of the set we were bouncing and singing along to a rollicking "Tennessee Jed".
The break came after exactly an hour. At 8.30pm they were back on stage again building that chilled out vibe. A great "Friend of the Devil" moved into "Corrina" and a fantastic "Eyes of the World," which moved into a spine-tingling "He's Gone," which ended with Bob leading the 396 people there in an a capella rendition of the chorus. I swear there wasn't a person there not thinking about Jerry.
Moving sweetly into "Knockin" and building again to a big close of "Franklins Tower" and "Liberty." Bob was clearly having trouble remembering the words but laughed it off, and it rocked non the less. And that was it. The band walked off stage at exactly 10.00pm.
The nice thing about the venue was there was not a bad seat in the house. It was easy to just walk down to the front of the stage, hang out, dance, do whatever and have Ratdog 10 feet in front of you.
Overall another great show but in a completely different way from Friday night's. Anyway, roll on Manchester for a big close to the UK tour.

Welded, London, England
Another good show; they seem to be getting better. Great version of Eyes. Sound not as loud as at Robin. Looking forward to Manchester.

Bob Witcher, Jorairator, Spain
A wonderful and friendly show in a tiny venue that enchanted a young Deadhead who had never seen a member of the Dead in concert before! The music was excellent, and Weir himself did not dominate the band or hog the limelight, making for a sound that was entirely Ratdog. It wasn't too loud, either. As the set continued with many beautifully played songs and when the unmistakable tune of "Tennessee Jed" began to be played, I couldn't resist joining the people dancing by the stage in their magnificent t-shirts! The sound was beautifully clear, the repertoire was wide, and the jamming wonderfully playful. After the break it was time for some old favourites and "Eyes of the World," which was lovely and had me up and dancing once again. By this time I was quite sleepy, but still able to appreciate the fantastic jamming on "Help on the Way">"Slipknot">"Franklin's Tower" and to get up and dance with practically everyone else when, for a magnificent finale, "Liberty" rang out across the happy crowd. A brilliant experience I shall never forget.

Rosamond Brown, Saffron Walden, England
I would call this show the "Sweet" show. She Belongs to Me, Corinna, Sailor/Saint, Eyes... etc. etc. Simply beautiful, upbeat, great acoustics, and small venue. It was like a Private Party.

Warren, Hicksville, NY