10/17/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, October 17, 2003
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


I have been seeing Grateful Dead and all its bits and pieces for almost 30 years, and the show Bobby and RatDog performed Friday evening at Hampton Beach was a gem! The energy was terrific and the playing masterful. The Hell in a Bucket, Deal, Half Step, and St. Stephen were treasures to behold with the crowd almost taking over the vocals.      Certainly Bobby appeared to be having a blast sharing them with us. Just a fine fine show and proof positive that sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right. Thanks Bob Weir.

Jack, Hampton, NH
Knowing that this was the venue where Bobby played the day Jerry died inspired me to attend this show. I made the short two hour trek north from Providence with my girlfriend to good old Hampton Beach. I was shocked to see what a complete trashpit this whole town really was. I had not been here in almost ten years and it looked as though nobody else has either--complete ghost town. Everybody in this town was only there for one reason......... RATDOG! I have seen over thirty Ratdog shows since Jerry's passing and every one gets better and better! This night was one to remember! Keep on rockin' boys!

Schiva, Providence, RI
Hampton Beach is a summer town. It came to life when RatDog pulled in. October Queen was the perfect description. "Somethin about her, Somethin bout her." Been seeing the Dead since I don't know when. I brought my sister from Vegas for the very first time since MSG. It was electric to see the fans and, I have to say, a REAL GOOD TIME! Very intimate show. Love Bobby's passion.

Kyra Clark, Manchester, NH