10/21/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 21, 2003
FM Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Wilkes-Barre, PA


What I thought was going to be a low kicked-back night ended up larger than expected. The town of Wilkes-Barre is boring. Awful Parking scattered throughout the town led to a variety of mini Shakedowns scattered everywhere. The majority of the people stayed right outside the Kirby Center, which ended up being a very nice venue, despite the no smoking/drinking policy. Very nice sound as Bobby walked onto stage.
     From the opening jam, one could tell that they would go right into Feel Like a Stranger, and that they did. But what came next threw the whole crowd off; what sounded like a Wrong Way Feeling tease ended up blasting into the band's first ever version of Big River. A gigantic roar blasted through the Kirby as Bob belted: "Well I tought that weeping willow how to cry cry cry...." Excellent version well jammed out with a little bit of everyone's help, making it a memory not to forget. From that, a perfect version of Easy Answers followed, just to get the crowd groovin, then right into Lucky Enough. Matilda Mother followed by Tomorrow Never Knows> Mother Reprise spaced out and was very nice.... UJB just brought smiles to everyone's face.
     Victim or the Crime was set up nicely, as wa FOTD, and a classic version just like only Bobby could do of Masterpiece set everyone up for Ramble on Rose. Estimated was typical, very well done, but the guys got carried away into Supplication, which got everyone bouncing. A very nice jazzy keyboard/drum jam followed--sounded like Medeski Martin and Wood at times--and really got me dancing. It set Bobby right up for Ashes and Glass, which featured a Dark Star jam in the middle, which gave them a go-ahead for NFA to end the set. Not one minute after they got off stage, they came out quickly to do Knocking on Heaven's Door, with an acoustic Bob playing an awesome solo in the middle. A perfect ending to a perfect night. Would see them there anytime.

Matt, Scranton, PA
I don't know if I just like shows that are right in my own back yard or what but tis night did rock.. Sure it's been a while since I have seen the concert but I am listening to it right now... I guess the guy above me must have walked right past the bar.. But when it comes to cooler than cool employees these seeminly mostly older weoman working part time wqere more than happy to have us there rather that the usual upturned nosed philharmonic crowd. I can't remember the exact quote but these were the words of an employee. I had great seats, I was with the whole crew from home and we had a ball.. Hows your eye Mark? My buddy did a header after a baloon? Good for him, Wer in our late 30's at this point, he should have known better. Go figure, hippy crack... Most of you will remember us from the days at Giants stadium.. We wouldn't sell or share, much anyway... lol Some of my fondest memories.. Well they are my fondest memories before Family life came, but hey I still hit 5-8 shows a year except for this one, BACK PROBLEMS, need of good vibes

Billy Sweeney, Scranton Pa