10/22/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Webster Theatre
Hartford, CT


After seeing the Dead countless times in the 70s and early 80s and few times over the last few years, I gotta tell ya', Wow! Bob has completely mastered his place in his craft. Ratdog was basically, to me, seeing the Dead at Binghamton NY in a college gym, 1980, all over again. I went with a friend and bandmate who just turned 21. Blown away. I got to say, I was never a huge fan of Bobby's, but since absorbing Evenning Moods and still loving some of the Midnites stuff, Heaven Help the Fool, this show was way over the top. From Desolation Row to Aiko, who that was there did not leave in a trance? The Webster, come on, it does not get better in CT than this venue. So, go, get out of your house and see Bob, he deserves it!

John H, New Haven, CT
Aloha.... Living in Hawaii for the past 17 years, I had not ever had the chance to see RatDog. I was anxious to see post-Jerry Dead-related music. The band was quite impressive! I enjoyed the show very much. The highlights for me were the GDTRFB and the Aiko Aiko. Lots of that old energy stirring inside me. I must say the So Many Roads and Touch of Grey were low points for me. I think that these songs need to be reworked to take on the post-Jerry times. To me, they seemed to be trying to catch that time which is gone--the songs were flat and without energy. All in all it was a great show with great musicians rockin the Webster. Lookin forward to the Beacon Shows this weekend :>) Peace and Aloha !! ENJOY !

Brian, Manchester, CT
The Webster Rocks! It is one of the greatest venues! I must admit that it did have a few quirks this time around that could not go unnoticed. First, they needed to turn the volume knob from where it was set--at a 5--to a 9 (I would even take an 8.5). Also, the bouncers need to move down three steps in order to allow drinks to the middle tier of seats. That was a little silly to keep everyone packed up by the bar. With that being said, the Webbie always comes through when it comes to drinks--stiff and affordable... muchas gracias.
     Weir and the guys rocked the whole night! The sax guy ripped... rock on. Weir has that band playing tight. Bob kind of had a new look--longer graying hair and full bushy moustache and beard, also grey. If he gained another 100 pounds, he would be a dead ringer for another fella I used to see concerts when I was younger. Hmmm.... Santa?
     To the guy who got thrown around by the security guards: Dude, you were kinda of asking for it. Just walk away; you were arguing about friggan baseball. Fo Sheezie!
     Peace and Grease

Tommy "B" Real, Hartford, CT