11/11/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Piere's Entertainment Center
Fort Wayne, IN


Well, if you missed the November 11 show in Fort Wayne, you missed a great second set. From the beginning of the second set until the encore, the band was really giving something extra to us fans. The songs that really stood out were Mississippi Half-Step and She Says. Bobby was energetic working the crowd during Throwing Stones and Not Fade Away. One of the best shows all fall!

Bruce Ralston, Bowling Green, OH
Great show dogs! Opening Jam to Stanger was setting the stage for what was about to come for our fist set with the dogs. This led into a firesome Maggie's Farm, and we danced our way through Easy Answer-Walking Blues, only to have Bobby and the dogs bring us back to a day with Jerry doing a run from Lost Sailor-St. of circumstance-Friend of the Devil-and back to a great Stranger reprise. Not letting the first set end yet, they guys gave us a killer Eyes of the World. Sadly, the first set had ended. But the kids knew they were coming back; we just didn't know how great it was going to be.
     Set 2: Starting with an acoustic and upright bass, they gave us a chilled K.C. Moan-Candyman and Winners with the band back in playing position jamming out and giving us a treat of melodies. Half-Step was just what I needed with The Other One and a individual jam session leading to Throwing Stones-Not Fade Away and then they left us. Not to be stranded at the end, our friends ended with a dose of a jamming Touch of Grey. Leaving the show, we waited for an autograph--only 9 of us in line. I had my guitar, and hey, I got Jeff and Robins and I think it was Kenny that passes us the light piece of green!! Then, hey Bobby! We praise. He only left with a wave and my guitar unsigned. "Sigh," maybe next time cause you know I will get by. Peace brothers.

Sam Prather, Richmond, IN