11/22/2003 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 22, 2003
House of Blues
New Orleans, LA


MAN this was a great finale for the fall tour! The House of Blues was kind of small, so no matter where you were standing, you could see everything upclose and personal. There were two guest horn players and I am sad to say I did not get their names, but there was an older gentleman on the sax and flute who was rockin and a young man on the trombone. WOW. That kid had some energy! Those two really added some New Orleans spice to the show. Afterwards, sadly there was no crafts that I could see, probably due to the limited space.
     I had the remarkable opportunity to meet the bass player Robin. He was really cool and actually signed a sticker for me! Unfortunately no one else came out onto the floor that I saw, but I'd like to tell them that the show captured my attention for the whole time they played, and I hope to keep catching all the shows that I can. Even if I don't attend another concert physically, I know that the music will never stop, but live in everyone it touches.

Terra, Houston ,TX
Just an incredibly magical night ! It was kinda chilly outside for a New Orleans night so when we stepped into the H.O.B. there were quite a few folks elbow to elbow but comfortable and warm none the less. We grabbed drinks at the bar and went up stairs overlooking the floor. At first I had some reservations seeing all the different musicians on the stage, the size of the venue, and wondering how the music would sound, but the minute they started the first few notes and went into the jam I realized things were only going to get better and better which they did. I guess I had lost my mind or something remembering that Bobby and these guys are professionals and they dont mess around!!! That real dumbing realization when you are standing there thinking...OH YEA... NOW I REMEMBER!!! At one point I looked over at my friend and there was this big grin on her face. She was new to this scene, having never seen the boys and only being exposed to their music recently seemed impressed at all the people swaying to the music and singing out the lyrics with the band at times. Me must have seemed like a cult or one tight family. The guys played with razor cutting accuracy and with the sound being crystal clear and two killer sets I still have no problem bringing back the memories of a really great night. Something that becomes seared or etched into the brain forever. IKO IKO ...Once again...Thank You...For a real good time!

Mike, Shreveport Louisiana
i was at this show and even though it was ages ago, i'll never forget it. this was ratdog in their prime, not that they ever put on a bad show, but hey, they were human, and some nights were better than others. this particular night was extraordinary. also one of those shows where the guests really added to the energy. if you don't have this show, get it. all time classic from start to finish

PJ Marks, Great Guana Cay