2/24/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Private Mardi Gras show by 'Grateful Dead Production and Its Licensees'; The New Prophets opened

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Jubilee Theatre
Las Vegas, NV


This show was a private party hosted by Grateful Dead Merchandise & Liquid Blue, in conjunction with the "MAGIC Marketplace Clothing Convention" that is going on in Las Vegas right now. All of the Grateful Dead merchandise wholesalers that are attending the convention were invited. There were a few of us from the local scene that made our way into the 'Jubilee Showroom' at Bally's on the Strip, one way or another! This is the same show room & stage that hosts the world famous 'Las Vegas Jubilee Showgirls' on a long running Las Vegas style "girlie show"! Security was tight, but the diligent made their way in by one way or another, if you know what I mean (nudge nudge, wink wink!). Everyone was in by the time Ratdog hit the stage.
     The show started with a nice set from The New Prophets, which features Paul from Liquid Blue on guitar and vocals. Their started at 7:35 and ended at 8:45, and the crowd enjoyed what they heard. Ratdog took the stage at 9:20, and I promptly took my place next to the stage in prime "photo op" position. This show was unlike any other show, as Bob Weir has never done a "corporate gig" before, to my knowledge, but I may be wrong. This show afforded all of us to take as many photos as we liked, from anywhere in the room. A rare opportunity to say the least! The set lasted approximately 1 hour 58 minutes, but don't hold me to the second!
     Rather than giving a play by play on the set list, I will point out a few moments. The band was in great form, and the sound in the room was good. Here's the list (courtesy of Peter on the soundboard making CD's - thanks, as I was taking photos most of the time!):
1. The Music Never Stopped
2. She Belongs To Me
3. New Minglewood Blues
4. Artificial Flower - Bob on acoustic
5. West L. A. Fadeaway
6. Iko Iko - with Bill Walton dressed as Uncle Sam & showgirls & showmen dressed in Mardi Gras costumes & various animal costumes. Of course the 'Dancing Bear' was on stage too! Small but very cool and lots of fun. A mini parade if you will!
7. Senor - Amazing!
8. Loose Lucy - this is where the party really started. Let's just say the no smoking rule was no longer in affect!
9. Uncle John's Band
10. Jam
11. Help On The Way
12. Slipknot
13. Two Djinn
14. Slipknot
15. Franklin's Tower
No Encore
     Bob Weir is aging well, and his musical performance is speaking as loud as it has since Jerry's death, in my humble opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing the show at the House of Blues in a few hours.

George Lyons, Las Vegas, NV