3/8/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, March 8, 2004
Seattle, WA


This was my first left coast show since moving here in November, and what a great spring day to have a spring concert. Not a cloud in the sky, and over 60 degrees, the kinds of days Seattle waits for through months of rain. Ratdog matched this day with a strong showing. Security was light, and actually helpful from time to time. I just wish Seattle could have a slightly larger venue. Ratdog is almost too big for the Showbox, but couldn't fill the Key Arena. The crowded conditions left none of the usual "safety zones." The first set was the strongest I've heard in a while, and finishing the second set with Corrina is always a favorite. A very Ratdog-like show, but Seattle really needs to find a larger venue to host Bob and the boys.

Stash, Seattle, WA
Far and away the best Rat Dog I have ever seen, and the ShowBox is one smoky old killer of a venue. Among highights were Me and Bobby McGee acoustic to open the second set (w/ Mark Karan dazzling all with amazing Hawaiian leads) and Deep Elem with Karan back on electric and just bubbling w/ nice keys. Weir sang some Jerry tunes very nicely--especially, I thought, Lady w/ a Fan. Also Queen Jane Approximately blew away Dead's cover of same. I will NEVER be reluctant to see a Rat Dog Show again. Long Live Bob Weir.

Andrew Volk, Seattle, WA