3/20/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jazz Mandolin Project opened

Saturday, March 20, 2004
Landmark Theatre
Syracuse, NY


This was one of the tightest, cleanest shows in 25 years. Cold Rain and Corrina were all-time greats. Great venue and crowd pleasure.

John Condo, Lancaster, PA
Outstanding. Bobby and the boys were outstanding. I wish I went to Rochester the night before. The Landmark was a great setting to play. The crowd was good, and parking was not to far away.

Rgasman, Endicott, NY
Wow! Playin in the Band for an opener, then back into it just before the break. Ratdog had the place buzzin like I haven't felt in a long strange time. I had been hoping for some classic Terrapin, and they came through big time. A most excellent show! I'm glad I made the trip....

Joe, Syracuse, NY
What a show. Startin off with Shakedown, then Queen Jane was awesome. Second set blew me away. Franklin's Tower was so hot. Ending with Ripple was a great way to exit. Ratdog ROCKS

Joe, Marlton, NY
This show came recommended highly and for the most part I agree. There was a rockin' Ramble On Rose and Loose Lucy to highlight the first set. Blackbird was good. I prefer the electric version of Corrina. There's more shakin' involved. This was probably the best Even So>October Queen I've heard. Terrapin however wasn't good. The vocals were too choppy. I skipped it. Standing on the Moon was great! I love how they do this song. It's very jazzy and it really fits in with their sound--having Kenny. The Terrapin Flyer was cool and spacy. SNIT I enjoyed. Sometimes the song starts out too much and I fast forward, but I liked this version. Good job overall! Bobby said they had a good time too--which is nice!

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO