3/26/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Toots and the Maytals opened

Friday, March 26, 2004
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA


What a great spring evening for a show! We entered early to catch Toots & The Maytals. Nice opening act. RATDOG came onstage around 9:30. Jam into Shakedown Street was a great start to what proved to be a blazing first set. Security was a little too tight for me to really enjoy the show the way I am used to. Very brief break before the second set, which was very mellow but provided a few songs that I havent heard in a while. Bobby and the boys have really come together and improve every time I see them! Thanks for a great night!

John Feeley, Bear, DE
First off, let me start by saying that above all else, the music was superb. Bobby and the boys were firing on all cylinders, with the end result being a fantastic night of music. Ratdog has introduced the concept of buying each night's show on CD 20 or 30 minutes after it ends. Listening to last night's show at work today further confirmed how good the music was. Of course the CD line was a complete mess and free-for-all, with the first 'batch' of burnt discs getting gobbled up in seconds. My discs came from the second batch. I overheard a random person in line mention that the batches are different, i.e. use different mics, sound different, etc. Not sure if that's the case, but the quality on mine was top notch.
     At the Electric Factory, I had the privelege of driving through Shakedown Street, which is kind of a pain in the butt, but something that is to be expected from the venue and parking there. Post show, Philly Police were practically running people over. Kind of scary scene, not very cool, very angry vibes, which are regrettable and avoidable, in my opinion. Additionally, there must have been something bad in the air, because several of the Heads inside the show were complete assholes, pushing people over, getting into fights, more violence than I'm accustomed to.
     The opening act, Toots & the Maytals, was spectacular and a welcome reminder that sometimes it is better to go in early than stay in the lot and party late. And of course, there was the main course. Ratdog was in very fine form, with the highlights being wonderful versions of the show-opening Shakedown Street, Weather Report Suite, Help/Slipknot/Franklins and the show closing acoustic Ripple. Anyone who gets the chance should go see these guys; they are worth the trip.

Jason, Newark, DE
Toots opened the show perfectly. Got the crowd riled up and warmed up their dancin legs! When Bobby took the stage, all lit up as one with hoots and hollers of joy. The energy and vibe in the place were wonderful. We were on the bottom floor bar with a speaker above our heads (like he was standing right there with us). The people we met (shout out to summer and clark!) were wonderful high-spirted persons. Opened with a rockin 15-minute jam of Shakedown and closed with an acoustic Ripple. Sandwiched in between were two fine sets including Tennessee Jed, Queen Jane Approximatly, I Need a Miracle, and many other good songs! If you can find this show, download it, burn it, pop it in your stereo, crank up the volume, and grab your girl (if you ain't got a girl dance with the energy of two people) and dance like nobody is watching!!!

Dr. Gonz, Forked River, NJ
Toots and the Maytals were soo good; they really got us going before Bobby came on. And when Bobby came on, nobody was quiet. The jam in the beginning was, without a doubt, headed for Shakedown Street and everybody knew it. What a compliment opening with Shakedown; Bobby must think highly of the Philly scene! The first set was unbelieveable, and the second set was even better. Ripple was the perfect end to a grate night!

Curt, Philadelphia, PA
Nice and Easy. Loved the show as always. Easy Answers was muy perfecto! Ahh, and my first Looks Like Rain gave me the chills. Shakedown opener is always good. Let It Grow, what can I say!? A very well-rounded performance. My congrats to the band on a tight show. They have been playing so well together and their sound is amazing since the first time I saw them in 2001 in Scranton, PA. But nothing compares to the 2 shows at the Beacon last year. I do have to admit it was one the worst days I've had in a while but giving that miracle ticket away to Neil:) (hope you jammed buddy) gave the night a good start. And to be quite honest, there's NO place I'd rather be than spending a night with Bobby! Love that band everyday. Happy daze to all!

Laura, New York, NY