3/31/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Derek Trucks Band opened

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
9:30 Club
Washington, DC


The second night at the 9:30 club blew my mind! I had no idea what was going to happen after seeing such a strange show the night before. I was hoping for the best and that's what I got!
     The band came on stage and it was time for the magic to happen. They started of with a spacey jam, which snapped into an Instrumental "Dark Star". What a surprise to hear so early in a show! "Jack Straw" blasted out of the jam and the crowd roared out with excitement. Right then and there I knew this was going to be a powerhouse of a show! The high-paced energy didn't stop as the "Watchtower" rhythm came in right at the last chord of "Jack Straw" and Derek Trucks appeared on stage to join in with the next few songs. "Watchtower" was rolling at full force, the best version I have seen; the crowed was going wild and so was Bobby! "Watchtower" materialized back into "Dark Star." As Bobby sang the first verse, Derek Trucks used his slide to play the melody and ripped up duel solos with Mark. Then Bobby laid out some cosmic rhythm comps, and the burning "Dark Star" jam blasted into "Odessa." The crowd went crazy. Derek Trucks seemed a little intimidated during this one, even he wasn't expecting this but held on with some mean rhythm guitar. Bobby was so on! Belting out the lyrics, hitting some mean slide licks and pointing to the crowd during the song. Derek got a thank you from Bobby and the crowd as he walked off the stage. This was the only pause in the set, and the band got right back into it with "Ramble On Rose." This song started off with a build up of individual instruments, and then a sing-along erupted throughout the club, and the song ended with a giant "Ramble on Rose" shout. "She Says" was the cheesy pick of the night but had a great jam during the end of the song, and "Two Djinn" whirled in and spun the crowd around to end the first set.
     "Black Throated Wind" opened up the second set. It was flawless and amazing acoustic. This was my highlight of the night. The element of surprise had hit me. I was hoping to hear this song the first night but didn't and had forgotten about it already. It was real Ratdog moment. "Black Throated Wind" blew into a "Corrina" that was "sweet like honey baby" as Bobby put it. "Bury Me Standing" came next and was bluesy and strong. Then something very different happened, it seemed that the band was ending "Bury Me Standing" with the "Scarlet Begonias" end riff, but were actually starting "Scarlet Begonias." This was amazing, and I have never seen this done before! A big Woo Hoo filled the 9:30 club and everyone sang along. "Ashes and Glass" slid in to the mix, and then a jazzy space jam without Bobby. Bobby came back out with his black hollow-body and struck the chords to "Standing on the Moon." This was a beautiful version played with heavy sustain and sung from the heart. Bobby bellowed out "I'd rather be with you" over and over again into the audience and received heartwarming cheers. The band went back into the zone and "Dark Star" emerged once more with Bobby vocally stretching out the last verse. Then "Throwing Stones" shot out of the void. This song was supercharged and set out an explosion of political vibes thru the club, everyone chanting and stomping as Bobby raged the message to D.C. Wow, what a perfect closer for the show! The encores at the 9:30 club have usually been "Liberty" or "U.S. Blues"; this time it was "Foolish Heart." It was unexpected and uplifting, a great way to end an already incredible evening.

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD
After what I thought was a pretty much mediocre show the night before, I had high hopes for the second night at the 9:30 Club and I was not disappointed. From the very start (thanks Derek Trucks), the energy of the crowd was focused and solid and the band sounded great. Always like the Jack Straw opener -- sets the mood well -- and the Dark Star teases from the night before came into fruition. Black-Throated to start the second set also was a great choice, and the Foolish Heart was a little messy but the spirit was there. I guess if you were not familiar with the Evening Moods album, you might not have known a lot of the songs. However, I am a big fan and it was especially nice to hear Ashes and Glass. Also, first Throwing Stones of the tour I beleive -- saved it for DC. This was the Rat Dog I know and love and came out of the show just beaming! Great Job Boyz!

Larry, Washington, DC