4/3/2004 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Assembly of Dust opened

Saturday, April 3, 2004
Waterville Valley Resort
Waterville Valley, NH


Too much; the show, the vibe, the venue...still reeling.
     The show took place in a big white circus tent (think big-top). I was so silly with excitement! The first thing Scott (hubby and tour-partner) said when he saw it was "Calliopes and clowns...", and it was at that point that we were fairly certain of a Music opener.
     We arrived pretty early at the show and I came to seriously appreciate the amount of time and energy needed for setup. Jeezus, man, when do these guys on the crew sleep? I wanted to ask if I could lend a hand.... I felt pretty useless just sitting around people-watching. But digressing I am....
     7 o'clock rolls around and those who choose are herded into the tent--let the circus commence! A green astroturf blanketing the snow... that was the dance floor--absolutely priceless! I laughed, my feet were numb, couldn't feel my toes and was wondering how I was going to dance with numb feet. Spotted a floor-heater and planted my feet in front of it for awhile. I also wondered about the possibility of an avalanche (not recommended after you've been smoking all day...).
     Jam>Music was perfect. Music is always perfect in my very biased opinion, but with the added element of the big top, well, it was hilarious. Lots of folks dancing, which is always nice since sometimes I wonder why anyone stands near the front of the stage at a show. A good lesson, if you don't want to be knocked into a few times (usually followed with a sincere apology, but nonetheless...) stay away from the first ten feet of the stage!! I dance hard and there is a very good chance of my bumping you. First set highlights for me: Music, Lucky Enough, Birdsong and Aiko. Jeezus, I love the way they tear into Aiko and I could hear it every show and not bitch.
     Second set... Victim! Haven't heard them play it since Hartford Summer '01. Beautiful, bittersweet... I absolutely love it. After the acoustic piece, they jam and I'm unsure of where it's going. Kenny has his tenor sax out and the connections are not being made for me. All of a sudden out of the clear blue comes Eyes... I have waited a looooooonnnngggg time to hear Kenny do this (live) and my expectations were met and then some. I flipped, man, just let the music carry me far away. Eyes into He's Gone was almost sensory overload for me; it was jazzy, tight and eminated transcendent beauty. OMSN always sends me into a frenzy and that night was no exception.
     The Birdsong reprise as a closer was expected, but Ripple following was not (considering they closed Worcester with it the night before). Ripple is another one that I can hear every show and still be turned on by its message--it's one that will never age and now more than ever needs to be spoken. So, right-on with the Ripple, Bobby!
     Show ended pretty late and I was tapped for driving-home duty. The serious show vibes I was drenched in, good music, and a whoopie-pie fueled my ride home. I love show adrenaline!
     Sometimes we live no particular way but our own...

Tracy L. Jackson, Chester, VT