3/29/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Fat Maw Rooney opened

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Orpheum Theatre
Madison, WI


An OUTrageously GREAT show--Top 3 (or 5) of ALL time RATdog shows!! From the pyschedelic "Tomorrow Never Knows" opener to the Terrapin and constant Dark Star segues etc., this was a whale of a good time! Bobby in MAGNIFICENT voice and a crowd who was willing to be ably carried along in the swell of the tunes!! Lazy River Road was a wonderful surprise!! You can't BEAT this how-TRUST me on it!!

Ron Shankland, Wittenberg, WI
Very hot show! Bobby was having a blast and the band sounded very tight. Big Railroad Blues ended the first set with rivited energy! A huge second set followed. A beautiful historic theatre and very relaxed environment.

JerryRed, Skokie, IL
Iincredibly hot little show. "Easy to Slip" and rollicking closer "Big Railroad Blues" highlighted first set. "Terrapin Station" -- an extended version that included the long fast jam only heard previously on the studio album -- stole the second set. "Come Together" was a nice touch, though Bobby forgot some words. "Sugar Magnolia" was a thundering finale, complete with Bobby leg kicks and head bobs.

Mitch Mitchell, Madison, WI