3/31/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, March 31, 2005
The Rave
Milwaukee, WI


A very intimate setting for a great show. Made me think about what it must have been like to see the Grateful Dead playing venues like this back in their early days. Just a solid show from start to finish. The energy was intense and euphoric – I was thankful for the slower songs in the first set or I would have completely collapsed by the end of the show. The set list speaks for itself, but here are a few comments anyway. Stranger was played at a slower, measured pace. Minglewood – “It’s right here in cheese land…” Take Me to the River was fun, but I am not sure if it is a suitable cover for Ratdog (IMHO). The audience sure enjoyed it though. The “Jam” after BE Women was an improv while Jay’s drum kit got a serious working over. The Schoolgirl was a version I never heard before. It was short and had an entire new sound and rhythm to it. Ashes and Glass was excellent. The jamming at the end was astonishing. The “Jam” in the second set was more like “Space”. I do not know if anyone else heard this, but I thought they came out of this jam into Mission in the Rain. That is what it sounded like to me. Bobby sang the first line to Standing on the Moon and then went back by the drums and looked upset. He even bumped his guitar on one of the drum stands. Don’t know if I was just hoping for Mission or misinterpreted the intro, but it was SOTM. When the band left the stage after NFA, the crowd kept the NFA chant going until the encore started. By the looks of their faces, the band was impressed. Bob kept the band together with his cues and when it was time to jam and improv, everyone obliged. They were definitely having fun up there and were responding to the crowd. Bob even gave smiles now and then. I do not want to take anything away from the other band members, they are all world-class musicians, but Kenny Brooks played out of his mind and was the backbone for the show. Words cannot describe his playing. During WTB, The 11 and NFA he was shaking his hands and just looked exhausted. Kenny left his all on the stage by the end of the show. Reminded me of what Branford did for the Dead in '90 and '91.

Michael Sapp, Racine, WI
Music was great! THE VENUE SUCKS! Cramped in tight. People were rude. No respect for tapers. Seemed like the crowd just wanted to get drunk and talk, like it didn't know bobby was there. Seemed like a KARAOKEE CROWD.
Such a nice setlist and drunks ruin a good thing! My hometown people! Sorry guys for their rudeness!

unclejon.com, Wisconsin
Not too bad! Awesome St. Stephen all the way to Not Fade Away. Thanks Bobby for continuing to share your music with all of us!!!!! Hoping to see some summer Dead dates soon!!!!!!!

Opee, Milwaukee, WI
What can I say? I heard Althea that night--a song I thought I would never hear live, and there is was. Brighter and more beautiful than ever! Thank you Bobby and band mates. Can't believe we would be so lucky to have you back here in October. We can't wait!!! EVERYBODY that can go - should!

WhimsicalGoddess, Milwaukee, WI