4/4/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, April 4, 2005
Vogue Theatre
Indianapolis, IN


No Monday blues for RatDog. They were full of energy and ready to "work." Cool! Bob's Modulus is one bad blue bitch! We love that spacey, jazzy stuff and wish for more. Lost Sailor is sweet and my favorite song was The Other One, but isn't it always?

Bill Clark, Crawfordsville, IN
O' the night was sweet! The lot was super chill and Rupert from Survivor was chillin' with a balloon. Lots of good stuff when we entered the doors at the old Vouge theater. The Dawgs came out Jamin with a first set that was perfect for the super chill evening we started out in on the lot. Easy Answers opened the air and after that the Boys gave us Baby Blue which hooked us all. The Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance was absolutely fantastic and made me feel like I was in the 2nd set, not to mention the Loser>Jam made me sway for what seemed to be an hour. O' how sweet the night was being to us. The 2nd set was made up of nothing but goodies. Victim or the Crime started out the 2nd set and from there the night was gone. The Dawgs were groovin, all the kids were chillin, and I was on 9. Did I mention how great The Other One was? Well it was off the hook and I could stayed in my trance with that all night! O' the night IS sweet! Thanks Dawgs!!!!

Sam, Richmond, VA
I live across the street from where the Illini unfortunately ended their season last night, but I couldn't have missed this show. The band was tight, the venue perfect. The view from the balcony just the same. Between sets I managed to catch the end of the Illini game at a bar nearby and ran into Bob on the way back exiting his tour bus. Each time I see this band they never cease to amaze me!

John, St. Louis, MO