4/7/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, April 7, 2005
Turning Stone Casino
Verona, NY


Ratdog last night was outrageous. My first Ratdog show...., I missed the one at the Landmark last spring, I believe it was, but this deffinitly made up for it.

I got home that day, and I started cramming for a test I had today (4/8). I got a phone call from my two friends, and they had an extra ticket to eat. So I bought it, and we drove up to the Turning Stone. That place looks most gorgeous everytime I see it. And a great venue to say the least.

The Shakedown Street Jam to kick off the show got everyone in the mood that night. My highlights were Ramble On Rose & of course Franklin's Tower. The show was worth going to for sure. I hope everyone has a great time at tonight's show! Wish I could have gone tonight instead of yesterday, but that happens.

When I get a copy of this show, I'll gladly trade or do a B&P and email if you'd like to set that up. Peace!

Mike, Syracuse, NY
I drove 300 miles for this show. When it was over, I realized that if I had to, I would have driven 3000 miles for this particular performance. I have been to this venue before for other performers' shows, and it has always been a fun, laid back scene. The showroom seats approximately 800 and is B.Y.O.B., making it a truly unique and intimate setting. The acoustics are wonderful.

Tonite (4/7) was the first time where I have actually witnessed the band gelling on a variety of different levels. They just seemed so tight and on. I had apprehensions at first thinkin' that Bobby would just do a "walk-through" show since it was such a small venue. How mistaken I was. It was indeed, in my opinion, the best Ratdog show I have seen since their original inception. Kenny Brooks is just getting so comfortable in his groove. M.K. was nothing short of just being in that special place where everything just fits so well. Jeff was pulling down from the Gods, ivory ticklin' groove power.

Bobby's raucous Schoolgirl was a real highlight, filled with old school passion. He's been busting that tune out for 40 years, but by no means after last night's display is it just an old hat staple.
Fun highlight was the back and forth Tequila/Silvio into Women are Smarter. Needless to say at this point in the set, it came complete with gleeful crowd participation. Myself being no exception.

The acoustic set was absolutely outstanding, with perhaps the best Masterpiece ever. I say that with great pride, as Masterpiece is one of my fave Bobby tunes. It was at this point that I knew the night was plain out magical and it was at this point also that I stopped caring that I couldn't find a ticket for Friday's show, for I was convinced that this was where I would blow my proverbial wad regarding expectations. Short of summoning Jerry's spirit back for a Stella Blue, there's no way for this show to be topped anytime soon. Then came the capper. Coming out of Space with Help/Slipknot/Franklin's. That was all she wrote for this diehard fan. Those of you that couldn't make it there missed what I'm sure will be revered as one of this tour's highlight nights. I walked out sweaty, hoarse, and wiped out, but yet feeling like a million dollars. It should come to be known in short order to all fans that Ratdog has reached the pinnacle of tightness, and it is clearly apparant that when this band is on, they could quite possibly be the finest ensemble of musicians on the planet.

I strongly reccomend everyone getting the tape of this show.

Randy Durant, Haverhill, MA
Awesome! This one is now in my top three favorite Ratdog shows; they were rocking! Everyone was just so on, grooving, and most importantly looking like they were having fun. Bob was having a laugh goofing on us a bit which was pretty funny. Individually and together they were great! Had the best seats--Kingís table section, level to the stage, room to boogie... Awesome! The theater was small with great sound. The hotel was very comfortable and accommodating. The casino itself wasnít that great, but the atmosphere on a whole was so good it didnít matter much. (Thank goodness for plastic cups and the deli down the street!) It was pretty cool bumping into the boys now and then too! (Mark & Robin after the show Robin at breakfast Friday morning Then seeing Jay at the corner coffee counter I was having trouble trying to contain myself!) This was a fun two days; I would drive the 4 hours again anytime. Thanks Ratdog for a real good time!

Karen, West Milford, NJ