4/12/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ


Great venue, sound was great and Bobby was full of energy and surprises. Highlights of the show IMO: Minglewood; Bertha; Deep Elem; Althea>Last Time; Black Peter...amazing!; Stephen-WTTB>The Eleven...wow....what a jam! Nothing like being 5 feet from the stage at a full service bar with crisp sound and a few good friends.

JK, New Jersey
Great show! Stranger was a good start - really got the crowd pumping and then... Baby Blue? I thought it was a strange second song selection, but the crowd really dug it. Minglewood Blues, So Many Roads > Picasso Moon... I was really starting to think "This is weird." That is when it happened: This Time Forever -> Shade of Grey.... I was so happy, started jumping around, saw my buddies in the first row, looking at me, looking at them! The Dark Star tease was really fun & the Bertha ended the first set on a high energy note.

Second set - K.C. Moan, The Winners, Deep Elem Blues - very nice openers, felt like I was back at a Weir / Wasserman show! A very pleasant surprise! Althea@ > Last Time > Ashes and Glass... This was the other highlight of the night for me. Althea was done really well, almost a crowd sing-along! Last Time had wonderful energy, and I think that band always performs it well. Ashes & Glass - other than the alt. timing that Bobby seems to be digging these days, this was played well and the jam crescendo was wonderful towards the end of the song. Black Peter was good but made me miss Jerry. At this point, they start playing Sugar Mag and everyone goes crazy... then Bob says "Uhh, we played that last night" and laughs. We all laughed with him and they busted into St. Stephen - William Tell - The Eleven.... Again, I can't reiterate how good the energy level was--people dancing, singing, just have a grand ole time! Ended the night with NFA - again... amazing!
Encore - Johnny B Goode - we already had over three hours of Ratdog & this song kept the crowd wanting more... can I say Beacon for me??

Kristina D, New Jersey
Thanks for a delightful, fun night of energizing music! I appreciate having been just a few feet from the stage enjoying Bobby & the gang! Seeing Bob is always a treat! The song selection, music, folks, venue, everything was great! This is the only show I'll visit this tour so I dearly treasure the occasion. I woke up this morning more refreshed and delighted than usual from all the dancing and great energy at the Starland. I met only kind folks there ~ what a great sharing! I'm a high school science teacher and had to take this time today to say thanks to everyone for making it such a fun, satisfying night. Iím having a great time so far today singing and humming tunes from last night! Too bad the show wasnít recorded through Munckmusic, Iíd love a memoir. Oh well, Iím grateful for the lovely memories! Cheers!

Anna, New Jersey
Excellent show. Great venue - general admission and no seats is always a big plus. The band had tons of energy and played at least a million good notes, as always.

Cosmic, North Jersey