4/13/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, April 13, 2005
FM Kirby Center
Wilkes-Barre, PA


Managed to score eleventh row tix at box office. One of the best Ratdog shows I've seen. Strong opening of Truckin'. Consistently loose and funky throughout. Franklin's Tower, first time for me. Phenomenal show; this band doesn't get anywhere near as much credit as it deserves.

Ryan Schalk, Scranton, PA
Bobby and the Boys came back to the Kirby, the second time I saw them there. The last time was on Oct. 21, 2003. That show was mighty sick, and I think a little better when it came to sound. I thought the amps were a little to loud for this venue in '05 (too many low ends). But on the other hand they were jammin' a little harder this year; it kind of reminded me of The Dead in 1978. The Truckin' was well played, Lucky Enough > Ramble on Rose was tight, the whole second set, one tune after another after another, was superb, and the Johnnie Johnson memory was a great way to rest him to peace. Thanks Bob. Over all rating for this show, 1-5, on my terms is a 4 mainly for the set list and jams. Would have been a 5 if bass and drums were not so loud.

Hope to see the lizards in Philly after Phil's book signing!!!!!!!

Roy, Avoca, PA
The Kirby center was a blast to go and see a show at. Cheap beers and the security was 70-plus; you got to love that. The old people taking tickets seem to really enjoy the scene. Song selection was okay... nothing that blew me away. Energy was a little weak, but it was a Bobby show. Overall I would say nice show, good jamin, fun time, and Bobby's vocals were good.

Joe, Mohnton, PA
This was my first RatDog show. A friend turned me on to them, and I've been a Grateful Dead fan for many, many years. I must say, without getting too long winded, that the group blew me away. I never expected Bob Weir to be in such fine form after all these years. And the band he has with him is top notch all the way. They did many Garcia/Hunter songs and did them proud. Weir's songs were also fantastic. They opened with a smoking version of "Truckin'" which primed the crowd for more of what turned out to be a flawless, inspiring show. "Ramble On Rose" was nothing short of spiritual with its haunting memories of Jerry Garcia looming over the band on stage. What with fine versions of "Wharf Rat", "Help On The Way/Franklin's Tower" and everything in between, who could argue? And then a blockbuster version of "Brokedown Palace" for a closer? Bob Weir and his band made sure that they left you wanting more, more, more that night. Great concert!

Anthony Musto, Pittston, PA
Ive seen Ratdog too many times to count and I've watched the band change over the years and I have to say this is one of, if not the best show I've seen. Truckin was a great opener and set the stage for a great first set. Loser was done really well, but the highlight of the first set for me was Ramble On Rose which was so full of energy, and Mark's guitar was superb. After a first set like that, the bar was set high for number two. El Paso was great--the best acoustic I've heard this tour--but what came next was impressive. Mississippi was great and then i had my mind blown when T.O.O started. It was extremely well-done and trippy as hell. Wharf Rat was a treat; I've always loved that. Franklin's got the whole place dancin. The music was great and the atmosphere was just as good.

Bob, Scranton, PA
This show was flat out "fantastic." Yeah, there were a few flaws. The key word here is "few." Bobby is always super tight and in control; he wants everything to be perfect. While that is admirable, it is not the reason I fell in love with the "Dead" thing. The jams seem rehersed at times as if noone is taking a risk, trying to get it to the next level. Listen to me! Complaining about perfection. Anyway, the Kirby Center is an excelent venue, very intimate with seating for only 1600 or so. The staff is remarkable. An elderly woman serving water complimented me on my manners and said she would rather vend to Dead Heads than to stuck-up symphony snobs any day. The scene was, well, just not the same. We all long for the old days. We are very blessed to still have the Dead and its members bringing us music year after year. It is all good.

Crazy Sweeney, Taylor, PA
AMAZING SHOW. By far the best show, along with Cleveland. The set was done so well. Bobby sounded great. Truckin and Miss Half Step were unFREAKEN beleivable. Puts Phil and Friends to shame hearing Bobby and the band jam like they did. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE VIBES!!!!

Walt B, Coventry, CT