4/15/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Little Feat opened

Friday, April 15, 2005
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


Nice little show, though you can see by the setlists Bobby was holding back a touch on the material. The Silvio>Tequila routine is super fun, and a wonderfully elegiac Playin'>Tomorrow Never Knows, Bobby McGee and Victimm were just outstanding. As a whole, the band has never looked or sounded better to this listener. Mark Karan is woefully underrated methinks; his exuberant talent and energy are all over this project. Jay has stripped back his kit a touch and continues to drill it. Robin is also a dark horse, and his contributuions are tremendous and under-noticed. Chimenti, too... the whole band smokes I guess is what we're trying to say here! Looking forward to Sunday...

Maas, Long Beach, NY
A long awaited spring evening which rocked down the house. Outstanding performance! This was definitely one of Ratdog's most memorable evenings. The sound seemed "bigger," if you will. Perhaps with Payne and others on stage. It just wailed from the stage with thick juicy licks and beats. The big debate was whether or not they would do two sets with Little Feat opening. They did one, which actually worked out great. It was one long set with many little notable jams throughout Playin>Tomorrow never knows. They really packed a punch at the end with Dear Prudence>Corrina>Rider. Just non-stop rock down the house music. Very impressive. Playin' was filled with many Garcia-esque licks and took us all way out there. I was last row in the balcony way up top, and it was a fantastic sound and view of everything. Looks Like Rain was one of the best renditions I have ever seen with or without the Dead. Nice job Bobby! Tequila>Silvio is a lot of fun for those of you who have not heard it. Rock on all!

Sean, Guilford, NY
What an incredible night. After getting lost on the subway and checking out the scene at Widespread we headed over to the Beacon for what was sure to be an incredible night. Every jam was unique and tight. I felt really good for Bobby; it was his night to shine and he and the boys did just that. Thanks Bobby and thanks Ratdog for an amazing experience.

Stutz, Allentown, PA