4/17/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, April 17, 2005
Westbury Music Fair
Westbury, NY


Lots of fun there! Boy was the beer flowing! Nice Jack Straw opener into a kickin Supplication. Another Dark Star musical that Bobby really sang up and made worth while! It was Sunday so we got our Samson and an unexpected Ship of Fools that had the house singing. Second year driving 3 hours to get there but each time (with the exception of last year's finger incident) it has been awesome. This venue lets you have a great time with good friends! Oh yeah, let's not forget to mention that Ripple was a sweet way to end this night.

NJbreadman911, New Jersey
Bobby played a solid show at a venue that is a great place for a show. Very low-key and friendly, with free parking to boot. Out of a quick little jam the band bled into Jack Straw, which got us on our way. The rest of the first set was steady if unspectacular until the band went into a rousing Big Railaroad Blues. Kenny Brooks wailed on this as the band brought the first set to a close. The second set got off to a pleasing start with Bombs Away followed by a strong, crowd sing-along Masterpiece. I admit I am still learning to like Bobby's Ratdog songs but Even So, October Queen, and The Deep End sounded good. Uncle John's Band turned up the energy level though and that was elevated further with a great Samson which faded into Ratdog space. Ship of Fools was a nice surprise for me out of this and after an Uncle John's reprise jam, the band revisited Dark Star from the first set. Bobby's vocals on Dark Star tonight were a bit odd and after a smokin' Day Tripper riff that stood my hair up, the band went into a fine Going Down the Road. I wish Bobby would sing more rather than speak some of the lyrics, but what are you going to do. A well done Ripple sent us all home happy. Can't wait for Ridgefield!

AugWest386, Mount Sinai, NY