4/19/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Calvin Theatre
Northampton, MA


I had not seen Rat Dog for a couple of years (first saw them in 95). They have come a long way. Ten years together is paying off. Nice crunchy sound.

Space, Burlington, CT
This show was a lot of fun! This made me harken back to the days of seeing Phish in the small theaters from 89-91. I am sure for some elder Heads it reminded them of the Capitol Theater in Portchester. Just a small place. Reminded me of a big house or summer camp theater.

Anyway, onto the show... GREAT SHOW! Highlight for me was easily the Scarlet Begonias. They really rip that, and out of Greatest Story no less! Very rythmic and bouncy Scarlet. Foolish Heart was also a highlight and very well-played from opening licks to close.

HC Sunshine opened and that was kind, and I liked Bob's version of Maggie's Farm. The venue, the two sets, the 80-degree day, and Bob Weir in this tiny college town (hot chicks!) was a great way to start a week.

Thanks Bob!

Brendan McAuley, Guilford, CT
Great show! Great time! Ratdog just keeps getting better. Highlights for me were the jam in Corinna and Scarlet Begonias. Disappointed with the Liberty encore. Like the song but not as an encore. See you in Central Park!!

Mark, Bristol, CT
It was the first time I have seen a Dead show in a small venue, and I have been going since 1977. As much as I like seeing the Dead, I prefer to see Bobby on his own so the vocals do not have to be shared on the songs.

Highlights of the show: Bobbie looking trim, fit, healthy. Excellent performance of Wang Dang Doodle and All Along the Watchtower and nice extended version of Weather Report Suite in set 1. Nice acoustic duet with Mark on The Winners to start off set 2 and good medley with Greatest Story > Scarlet Begonias (highlight of night). Foolish Heart and Liberty to end the night were good, but I've seen better endings to shows. Great show--3 hours of great music!

Drake Waldron, Torrington, CT