4/23/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Assembly of Dust opened

Saturday, April 23, 2005
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA


I had seen Ratdog once before. I've been reading the recent great reviews and was very excited for this show. Assembly of Dust opened. I enjoyed most of their set but soon realized that it was seriously cutting into the time Ratdog would have to play.

Ratdog came on around 9:30PM and played 2 hours straight (1 set).
Overall, I think the band is tight and disciplined. Other than Bobby, I thought the horn player was the highlight. But... I didn't think there was enough jamming (very little Karan playing). Also, I love Bobby doing Bobby tunes. I still don't think he can quite pull off the Jerry classics (He's Gone, Eyes of the World). The music and the playing did not carry me away. Maybe I just caught him on an off night (it was a short set, relatively speaking). Hope others in the sold out crowd had more fun than I did.

William Land, Newton, MA
What a disapointment after such a good showing at Hampton Beach. Everyone on Tremont Ave. in Boston waited in the rain all day just to see a bunk show. It is very apparent that the rumors might be true that this is Ratdog's final stint before retirement. Ratdog's ability to play unique setlists that offers versatility is waining. I mean, they haven't played Throwin' Stones or Peggy O this tour. Why wouldn't they play it at a sold out show at the Orpheum. Rather they play a setlist almost identical to Beacon Theater. After an extremely enthused crowd was treated to a wonderful and flawless Row Jimmy the night before, the boys couldn't seem to muster up anything special for the next night. Short show with little surprises.... I was at Orpheum the year before and what they played was amazing. I am confused why there was such a weak showing this year.

Dont get me wrong, people, I love this band and give them all the credit in the world for doing what they do night after night. They need to start taking more chances and stop with the "sure thing" setlists.
Highlight of the show was meeting Rob Barraco walking down the street somewhere on the avenue. Nice guy. Also met the lead guitarist from Dark Star Orchestra standing on the corner. Kind of a prick, "sorry man can't talk, we're not working tonight." Come on man, spend a couple minutes to talk to the fans.

Anyway, I dont mean to upset anyone with this posting but I am telling it like it is.

CCRider817, Burlington, VT / Redding, CT
Assembly of Dust, although obviously talented musicians, played for too long. I think something like 45 minutes would have been a long enough taste.

Ratdog came out with Music Never Stopped, crowd pleaser for sure! During Easy Answers, She Says, and Fly Away, we had an alcohol-induced idiot right behind us yelling out "Bobby, play something good!" Its rude and inconsiderate, and he was a moron! Then the guy in front of us snapped off pictures literally all night long and his flash kept going off after every picture.... Dude, next time try shutting off the flash. Aside from those distractions I really enjoyed the show they played... yeah it was mellow but close your eyes and hear the music, its fantastic! I had heard about Silvio/Tequila and was excited they played it!! It was so fun and the audience chanted in when it was time to sing "tequila." It was awsome to see Rob come out and play on it!! Man, was he happy to be up there playin, sporting a tie-dyed Red Sox T-shirt'!! All right Rob!! GO SOX!! That was a really unexpected treat!! The energy in the place really went up several notches. Then Me and My Uncle, great story in that song. Jay hit his snare hard when Bob sang "shot me another" and it sounded just like a gun shot! Cooool!! He's Gone was just wonderful. Sometimes that song can make you feel sad though, not just to think of Jerry but for all those who have left us. Eyes of the World was great too. The encore was predicatable but nonetheless a fine finish. Because of the short set, I think the audience really missed out on what Ratdog can do so amazingly and that is JAM!

Jack n Sue, Lawrence, MA
I don't understand how anybody could think this show was short of incredible. Yeah, it was cut short due to the stupid "concert curfew" in the City of Boston but the music was as historic as Boston itself. The only songs I could have done without at this show are Easy Answers and Fly Away. The Music Never Stopped was groovy, start to finish. West L.A. Fadeaway was funky and fun. This band just makes you feel good!! To me the highlight of the evening was when Rob Barraco (from The Dead) came out in his tie-dyed Red Sox shirt and sat in with Jeff on the keys. Wow, a totally inspirational Silvio/Tequila and Iko Iko made up for a short show. Rob's keys rocked that old theater and the band just tore it up!! AWESOME!! This addition made this the best Silvio/Tequila/Iko I have ever heard, by far. By 100 miles to say the least. Rob exited stage left and next up was an acoustic set of Me and My Uncle and Friend of the Devil, both exceptionally exceptional. He's Gone and Eyes of the World were both extremely intense. This band blows "The Dead" of the past couple of summers away, hands down. One More Saturday Night was the encore and Bobby tore that old building down like never before. Love the way he replaces Lord with George in the line "His wife says don't get crazy, GEORGE you know just what to do". Nice touch Bobby!! What a show, WHAT A SHOW, don't let them fool you, what a GEM. I do highly recommend purchasing this show from RATDOGLIVE.COM for you will NOT be disappointed. I did manage to see a copy of the planned setlist, there were several songs cut from the show. What a bummer!! Oh well. Bobby did state at the end of the show that next time they come to Boston they will somehow play a much longer show.

Assembly of Dust opened the night and they TOTALLY ROCKED!!! I enjoyed there set sooo much that I purchased two of their CDs right then and there (along with a couple of the latest Dick's Picks). I just can't wait to see RATDOG again this summer at Medowbrook up in New Hampshire.


Jim Zuppe, Belmont, MA