4/25/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, April 25, 2005
Ridgefield Playhouse
Ridgefield, CT


Amazing show. Check out the set list. The place rocked! Thanks Bobby!!

HC, Ridgefield, CT
If you were going to one Ratdog show this tour, one in your life, or if you wanted to know what a really killer DEAD show used to feel like, well then tonight's epic performance would have to be the one!! There's something amazing about walking in from the out to see your favorite band, getting to your seat, turning around, and realiziang that you're in a high school auditorium. Evoking fond memories of those great small venues of old, DEAD at U. of Vermont gym (1983), Jerryband at tiny Brandeis Univ auditorium (1985), they doon't come any more intimate than this playhouse. So would the boys save it up for the bigger spots, or would the 500 or less adoring lucky ones (that's an amazing ratio of 1 band member for every 83 people in attendance) see that killer show?? Bobby and the DOG held nothing back. A start-to-finish intense set of jam after rockin' jam that left everyone in awe. HIghlights included a 2nd set Mississippi that peaked big time, into an Estimated-Other One that never let up. The Stranger into Baby Blue opener was classsic, the Big River rocked, and the Cold Rain was hot as well. Especially hot tonight was the Robin/Jeff combo, which turned the often muddled Crazy Fingers into an enchanted jazz piece. The closer Wharf Rat, Sugar Mags, Ripple encore was meat and potatoes DEAD with such a flair, so much energy and soul. Lastly, Bob's voice was at its Weir best during Masterpiece, and it was fun to hear him HA!! his way thru the smokin' Estimated. Sorry to ramble (on rose), but this was serious good stuff tonight. Thanks

Liebo, Eastchester, NY
What a fantastic peformance tonight. This was my 4th stop on the Ratdog east coast tour this spring. Beacon, North Hampton, Providence, then Ridgefield. Tonight is thus far the most inspired show I have seen. "Estimated Prophet" was a highlight personally and "Other One" and "Lucky Enough" were also mentionable. But no Dead tune can eclipse the ponderings induced by the ever rythmic and tradtional "Ripple." On this night in Ridgefield, Bob layed some classics like "Wharf Rat" and "Sugar Mangnolia" but ripped up "Youngblood" and " Masterpiece." There were others like "Might as well" and "Jack-a-roe," which where both exceptional, making this show a swell dance party!

Great venue: this was a local high school property and there was little league practice going on next to my car. It was cold too, but the venue was warm and the music was hot.

Brendan McAuley, Guilford, CT
Really fun when Bob is playing a couple minutes from home. First set seemed to have a nice groove with only a few hiccups (Crazy Fingers?). Might as Well was very fun. Second set had some really good moments in every song--tempo of Masterpiece, crescendos in Half-Step and Estimated, etc. Ripple to finish... sweet.

Thomas, Ridgefield, CT
Lots of fun, enjoyable show, great venue. It felt like being twenty-something again. Just like the other reviewer stated, the Ridgefield Playhouse harks back to an earlier time when U.VM in 83 or the Stanley Theatre in 79 & 81 were the real treats of intimate tour venues. The show was 'on' and Bobby sounded good, better than he did last summer at Jones Beach, and he seemed to remember most if not all of his lyrics, except for the ones he let the audience sing for him. There's a nice new tempo--dare I say half-step--to Estimated Prophet and Mississippi Half-Step, and Ripple was a nice show closer. I closed my eyes and could almost hear shades of Jerry at Radio City Music Hall. One item of note, even though I was sitting eight rows back from the stage, I decided to use my field glasses for some up close views. Bobby's dental work is flawless. Great smile, it's good to see years and years of buying tickets have gone to good use.

H2, Westchester, CT
Fantastic! The band sounded great, the venue was hassle-free, and the set mix was just right. Great visuals on the screen behind the stage. First set highlights were Big River, Lucky Enough, and Might as Well. Big River was smokin'--had me dancing and grinning the whole time.
Bobby had a little trouble with the Jack-a-Roe lyrics, but it was great to hear this one after so long. The Mississippi > Estimated > Other One was classic, and the band was on fire. Bit of a rough transition into Sugar Mags, but the Ripple closer was right on. Great show.

D, New York, NY
Last night's show had more of a feel and flow of a Dead Show than some of the recent Dead Shows in Hartford etc. Bobby continues to "Jerrify" with his flowing beard, expanding gut, and style--yet at the same time shines thru as the Bob Weir we all know and love. Glad to see he still forgets the words but also belts out a great tune. I also applaud him and the band for continuing the tradition of a full show. Nothing worse than some of the bands of years ago now showing up in towns to do 90 minute shows. Four hours in the Playhouse was both a blast and brought back great memories.

Jeff Reinhardt, Weston, CT
It got personal between Ratdog and the small but boisterous crowd in Connecticut on Monday night. The version played of Mississippi 1/2step was so over the top smokin', so often played so close to but not over the edge, Bobby and the boys took this and a few aothers to new and amazing musical heights tonight. Such small venues have magic, ya feel lucky just to be there, but the rock must still roll, and the band certainly did rock the joint. The Estimated came and kept the momentum up where a spacy Playin' may have slowed it, and the level of pure heat from Mark's guitar smoked. Into an Other One dominated by the driving bass of golden haired Robin, the crowd in a near frenzy. The Wharf Rat sobered us all, the deepest of Jerr's played with such care and passion, into the always satisfying and supercharged Sugar Mags. Does it get any better? Not to mention a first set with some memorable moments as well, including a steamy Cold Rain and a curiously hot Stranger. My fifth, this was the best by far, a night to remember. Philly next, Bobby Bob.

Bill Cruzan, Yonkers, NY
What a show! I couldn't believe Bob Weir would come play a tiny venue in my small town just a few minutes from my house. I wondered if he would take the night off or rock the small crowd that had flocked to see him. Without a doubt, RatDog tore the house down! I'm only sixteen, so I missed out on the glory days of the Dead. However, Bob gave me a glimpse of all those old Dead shows my Dad has been telling me about for years. RatDog, thank you.

Steve, Ridgefield, CT
I found this to be the best Ratdog show I've ever attended! The band was sharp; yeah Bobby pooched the lyrics on Jack-a-Roe, but that's minor. I'm glad that the band is stretching out and doing the tunes THEIR way! Mark Karan is most improved now that he's not trying to copy Jerry, and Robin's doing a great job too! I would go back to Ridgefield anytime, the venue is way cool.

Mark Gillette, Ansonia, CT