6/8/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Madison Theater
Covington, KY


Overall kinda of mellow but oh sooooo good! All the songs had a nice medium tempo, but the band was really tight!! Vocals, jams, leads... everything sounded like it should! "UJB" and "Ramble" were as smooth as they could ever be! Plus, a couple of Dylan tunes and ending the 2nd set with "China" & "Rider" was the perfect closer. The Encore had everybody singing out loud! Nice to see the Deadheads return to Ky!!! Trust me, y'all were deeply missed!!!

deadweed, Elsmere, KY
Last night's show was electric! I still can feel the music pumping through me. Thanks for the miracle, and I'm very Grateful...

Tim Gilkison, Cincinnati, OH
Fantastic show! Loved the Feel Like a Stranger opener, and Baby Blue was sweet as always. The first set was mellow and bluesy until Bob and the Boys ripped into Playing in the Band--a perfect first-set closer. Ramble on Rose was certainly a highlight too; first time I've been able to hear that live. LOTS of singing along there (might've been a smallish crowd, around 1,000-1,200 but we got loud). Second set highlights were Me and My Uncle, a looooooonnnggg, jamming Uncle John's Band, and China>Rider. Rider kicked serious ass and you could tell Bob was feeling it with the crowd joining him for the chorus. The folks wanted a Not Fade Away encore and began the clap; Jay even gave a few NFA drumbeats, but they decided to end the night with Brokedown Palace, and a sweet choice it was. Great show and I can't wait for the next one.

Augustwest, Owensboro, KY
I say the rest of the cities on this 4 city mini-tour are in for a real treat. The Stranger started off solid, but they were for sure just getting warmed up--getting the fingers working, getting the vocal chords warmed up, listening to each other.... The jam at the end showed some potential though. Easy Answers was good, too. Again, it really built to a nice jam at the end. The beast was there ready to emerge. But we needed everyone to settle down just a BIT more, to calm the nerves. Baby Blue and Mission did just that. Nice quiet songs, all tension in the room disolving. Again, Mission really built at the end though! It started off pretty much just Bobby singing it; ended up nuts. Along the way, I think we all realized we could use some help from above, tonight and always. Walkin' Blues was great. Got everyone dancing and having fun. The juices were really starting to flow. Josephine & Lucky Enough were, well, who cares because Ramble on Rose is when the fun really began.

Jerry was now in the house. I think every person in the room was conjuring up his spirit. The audience did it vocally; the band did it musically. And so Bobby had his friend of 40 years back for the evening. Playin' was unreal, and we'll just leave it at that.

Far as I was concerned, Uncle kicked off the second set. Nice sing along, nice emotion behind the story... Masterpiece was just that - all those years of singing about "some day"... maybe now was finially that day? The rest of the show was just the Bob & Jerry show that we all know & love so much. Bob was there representing himself, and the rest of the band & audience was there representing Jerry. Just perfect. And by the time we got to Jerry's verse of Rider, the energy was crazy. Good crazy. Jerry hasn't gone anywhere; he might be closer to us all now than ever.

John Shellhamer, Louisville, KY
I just want to say that this show was awesome!!! The boys sounded soooo good. All through the night, songs were teased again and again, as if to tell you a story above the songs... an unspoken thing. Lots of people say "why don't they play this song" or "tell them to not play that song.". I say every song is the right song for the moment!! Take it for what it is... beautiful and fufilling. Thanks... forever. To quote Ram Dass, "Be here now." Thanks guys... I love ya.

Michelle, Middletown, OH
The show was very good, and the boys were enjoying themselves, which I love to see. My only gripe is paying 35 bucks a ticket for a rat hole venue like that. I mean the sound was very good in there but that is the only good thing you can say about that dump. At least put some benches on the side or something to sit on. Not that I would sit much anyway, but it is nice to have the option. I mean I just bought pavilion seats at Riverbend for panic and allman brothers for the same price and the port-o-lets there are nicer than the Madison Theater. I dont know... maybe I'm just an asshole. And what is up with the cavity searches at the entrance. I have never been searched like that at any other venue. Thank god I wasnt holding.

theGriper, Cincinnati, OH