6/9/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, June 9, 2005
PromoWest Pavilion
Columbus, OH


Killer show! The first set really rocked. Nothing like a Here Comes Sunshine to start the evening off right. I was wanting to hear The Music Never Stopped, so when they rolled that out it pretty much made my night complete. Twilight Time was an interesting opener for the second set. The second set was so bad ass. These guys are on fire right now. Thanks Bob for bringing the Dog into town.

"Asking you nice now, keep the mother rolling, one more time"

Andy Buckingham, Columbus, OH
Amazing show! The encore was outta this world....

Doug Nawrocki, Mason, OH
This show rocked from start to finish. Three and a half hours of great sounds from the Dog. Bobby sounds great. Keep on trucking.

Joe, Canton, OH
Without any expectation, gradiation, or psychoactive relation--this show was off the charts! AWESOME JOB BOBBY!

Highlights: Vocals on Here Comes Sunshine were SPOT-ON.... The BEST (and I've seen just a few) Minglewood EVER.... 5 (count em') instrumental bridges in Scarlet..... Blackbird (always a treat) and Terrapin FLYER !!!! Nuff Said.

Golden Road Rocked!

dkstar, Siesta Key, FL
I'm speechless! This show was unreal!

Ruben Aguiar, Columbus, OH
I like Minglewood just a little bit. This one goes down in history, Ratdog or Grateful Dead combined. Absolutely smoking.

Squidley, Rockland, MA
That was one amazing show. I have been a fan for a long time, but this was my first show. I was probably the youngest guy there (and I had a broken knee cap), but that didn't stop me from standing up from and dancing in the crowd for 3 and a half hours!!

Awesome Here Comes Sunshine and Music Never Stopped. The rest of the show is a face melter! I purchased the CD from Ratdog Live, it is unreal!!


Michael, Dallas (soon Columbus, OH)
Wow... only my second time seeing Bobby--the first was with the Dead at Blossom in 2004--and I have to say I was blown away. I didn't know what to expect from Ratdog, but since then I have become locked in. Here Comes Sunshine was perhaps the best opening I could imagine, besides the Greatest Story at that Dead show which I predicted the month before. I've seen two shows since this one here in Columbus, and i'm waiting for Bobby to come back; the fan base in Columbus, no Ohio, alone is absolutely tremendous. Come back Bobby.... Oh ya and this show a 9.5, not the 7 that it's been posted with. Estimated, Terrapin, come on now.

John Schumm, Columbus, OH