8/5/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash

Friday, August 5, 2005
Sunshine Daydream
Terra Alta, WV


This show was a blast, I have not seen these guys since the Norfolk, VA show, and could not wait to see what they had in store for me. Bobby came out on the stage and started the show with "Blackbird" acoustic, then the other members appeared, a soft way to start the first show of the tour. Then he busted into “Maggie’ Farm”, which got the crowd rocking, and a good song to fit the environment for where the show was held. The song continued into “Here Comes Sunshine”, and transformed into “Easy Answers”, which was done in a funk style. “Baby blue came next, which was a surprise to see another Dylan song in the same set. “Youngblood” was rocking with some crowd participation, and a nice instrumental jam into a great “Crazy Fingers” which closed the set.

Set two started off with “Masterpiece”, the third Dylan song of the night! It snapped into a great “Miracle” which everyone got into with a lot of dancing and singing out the lyrics. A nice jam followed and “Uncle Johns Band” came into the mix. The highlight of the show was “The Other One”. The music built up into a rolling mass of energy before Bobby busted out with the first verse. Bobby skipped a beat when he was to sing the lyrics. The crowd let out a big WOOOO, and in an instant, the music changed direction and slowed down. After the first verse, the band was “Coming Around” with more force and the music built up again, and belted out the second verse with a vengeance! The crowd went wild and the band played with tremendous force and energy. Some real rocking was going on here! The jam changed direction and turned into “Lady With a Fan”, Which calmed things down, and went into the first part of “Terrapin” and then the music whirled around once again into “Two Djinn” which closed the set.

The band encored with “U.S. Blues” to close the night out right. What a great way to start of the late summer tour.

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD