8/6/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash

Saturday, August 6, 2005
Sunshine Daydream
Terra Alta, WV


Saturday night, which was the second night of this now rare type of treat was the iceing on the cake. First of all this was a "music festival" and festive it was. Set in the back woods of WV far away from anything was a bit of utopia, minus good showers. The Code Talkers opened this show with Jimmy Herring being introduced as the gratest guitar player alive. I turned to my friend and replied that this just might be true, enough said.

In a situation like this a veteran may get lofty ideas of what a set list is going to contain. But with the evolution of Bobby and the boys this is somwhat of a difficult task. Sure I nailed the Sugar Mag and Saturday Night, though nothing could have prepared me for the rest of the night. Bobby was in rare form with spit flying from his mouth as he belted out a smokin Jack Straw. Than it was on to a Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Scarlet. In between Sugar Mag and J. Straw was a not rare but hot Bird Song. The killer in this set for me was the hot and I mean smokin hot Little Red Rooster. I just think this song must do somthing to Bob as he gets lost in some sort of blues trance as he tells the story of that lazy bird.

The second set was a bit more common but very pleasing still the same. Corrina > Ashes & Glass > Jam , Standing on the Moon. I beleive this was the birthday offering we had been waiting for. I don't know about you, but since the fat man died I have a hard time listening to Standing on the Moon without crying, this night being no exception. After this treat came another with a cover of Come Together. Wow is my one word critique on hearing this. Than it was time to blast off. Bobby lit the fuse as they triped back into Bird song and soared into a Saturday staple of Saturday Night as strong and as welcome as ever. Then of course came the Sunshine Daydream we were all waiting for. Just when you think you may be on the verge of utopia, close to touching heaven, Bobby has somthing else ready for you. He brought us all back to reality with a touching Brokedown, reminding us of the roads we travel and where they lead.

Well I'm home now and I am resting my Bones. Until I start getting antsy again and I feel the music calling. Treasuring every last bit of it, knowing it is all a gift that could be taken from us at any given moment.

Sweendog67, Scranton, PA
This show was the second night at the Sunshine Daydream Music festival. After the first night which was a blast, I could not wait to see what was next.

The show started out into a slow jam, which snapped into a shocking “Sugar Magnolia” What a Ratdog surprise to hear this song as an opener! The crowd went crazy and let the band know they were ready to get down. Birdsong was next, and very well, it flew off into a “Jack Straw” which got the crowd even ore excited. Bobby and Jay alternated the lyrics and rocked this song out. The energy kept rolling, as Bobby ripped it up on the slide with “Red Rooster”. He was definitely showing off, and the crowd was howling along. Bobby continued with some more slide action with “Odessa”. It was awesome that the band was rocking so hard so early! Two fast paced instrumentals were next, “At a Siding” and “Terrapin Flyer”. This section of the show was very intense and done with precision and grace. Bobby was up there directing the rest of the guys with gestures and hand signals. The band sent the crowd into a dancing storm. Then Bobby sang their new Song, “Silvio” and mixed it in with “Tequila”. The crowd loved it and went wild shouting tequila when bobby gave a point to the crowd! The band went back into “Silvio” and ended the set with “Scarlet Begonias”.

The second set stared with an acoustic “Corrina”, and went into “ashes and Glass”. Then a super funky jam session started when Bob Left the stage. Jeff, Kenny, and Jay stared out with keyboards, Drums and Touchpad. Bob Barraco stepped in, playing bass. This was crazy, people were cheering, as the music got funkier, Bobby and Mark, were dancing around while they watched from the back of the stage! It went on for some time, and just stopped with a sharp, funky ending. Bobby cane back on stage and did a great “Standing on the Moon”, and went into a slow but steady “Come Together”. The last chants of “come together” by the crowd brought special guests on sax and accordion to the stage to join in on two more songs. “Bird Song” flew back in with lots of sax, and “One More Saturday Night”. Just when the lights went out and you thought it was over, Bobby struck a guitar chord, the lights went back on and finished off the show with “Sunshine Daydream” The crowd went wild as everyone screamed in joy, Bobby was dong his famous kick back guitar strums and really wailing it on the vocals, and Barraco came back out on bass. The show ended with a long lasting crescendo, the lights went out once more and the Original Ratdog members encored with “Brokedown palace” I have to say that this show as the closest to an original Grateful Dead concert. Being outside with good people and good energy made it just right, for the audience and the band.

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD