8/9/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, August 9, 2005
Powell Convention Center
Ocean City, MD


The show was great except for the VERY heavy security, carpeted floors (no smoking whatsoever), and some douchebag in between sets telling us that weed is illegal. Bobby if you read this PLEASE play the Bottle and Cork in Dewey--no rules just right. Peace, Jerry W.

gr8fuljer, Milford, DE
I was stoked just to have any national act in my hometown, let alone one of my favorite bands. I thought the entire show was solid, with each song being of good length. The number of cops was out of control, and Bobby even mentioned this before the encore, saying, "and they mean business." As for the setlist, I was suprised to hear Dark Star come back in the second set, and was actually confused for a moment. All in all it was a great time!

Michael, Ocean City, MD
I have not seen RatDog for 2 or 3 years, so I don't have the frame of reference that many heads have, I'm sure. But I have to say, in spite of the pretty repressive police state in and around the venue, this show was STRONG. The venue was a good size, and the sound was good in spite of the shoebox-shaped room. The band is just smokin', with no weak link. I understand the bass player is newish; my man was loose and right on, just like the drummer, keyboardist, sax player, other guitarist, Mr. Weir; you get the idea. Great choice of songs for my money, great spaceyness - just powerful, tight, and highly musical. Go see and hear them while you can. Plus some guy gave me a funny piece of chocolate.

Bobby F, Newark, DE
This show was stellar in every sence of the word! Mark Karan blew my mind ten times over! I would like to thank Dennis McNally and the rest of the crew for giving me the chance of a lifetime--in my book--to stand ten feet away from Bobby! Thanks a million.

The Dude, Ocean City,MD
This show was different than the last two I just saw in West Virginia. A very strange venue to play in as well. It reminded me of the Michael's 8th Avenue show but with chairs and very tight security.

The show started off with a jam, and by the time I got to my seat in the 3rd row, the band had busted into “Music Never Stopped”. This was great because the cool breeze really came on Tuesday, after all that rain. A nice “Queen Jane” and an electric “Walkin’ Blues” came next. “Row Jimmy” was nice and mellow. “Take Me to the River” got the crowd rocking again, and then a sing along “Ramble on Rose.” A shaky jam appeared, with Jay trying to keep a groove, while Bobby stumbled in finding direction. He made up for it by shooting out a “Dark Star” and a good “Deal” to close the set.

The acoustic “Deep Elem Blues” and “Bury Me Standing” were done very well, and a fast paced “Good Morning Little School Girl” followed. The groove slowed down again with “Althea,” but it was done very well and had nice slide licks on Bobby’s part. Another upbeat song--“Tomorrow Never Knows”--was very strong, and “Mississippi Half-Step” done Bobby style had a nice snap to it. “The Wheel” turned the direction of the music again and after a nice jam without Bobby came “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” “Dark Star” shot out once more and added a “Touch of grey” to end the set.

The Encore was “Black Muddy River,” an appropriate song to end the show on this particular date. The show had a much more mellow vibe then the past WV shows but a great one never the less. Well, Well, Well, you just can never tell!

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD