8/26/2005 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opening for Steve Miller Band

Friday, August 26, 2005
Tweeter Center
Mansfield, MA


My sole reason for traveling to Great Woods Friday was to see Bobby and I was not disappointed! She Belongs to Me is one of my favorites and he did a beautiful job. His voice sounds superb and he looks great! The whole set was killer; I was only sorry he couldn't play longer. The security people asked as I exited--before Steve Miller took the stage--if I knew there was no re-entry. I gave them a big smile and told them "I've seen who I came to see." :)

Joelyn Livingston, Westford, MA
I haven't seen Bobby play in a couple of years, so me, my wife, and two of my buddies decided to check out this show. I am so glad that we went! The Shakedown opener really put me in the mood to boogie, and things only got better after that. Back in the day, I was disappointed to hear Corrina and Liberty because I felt that they were way overplayed, but after a few years without going to shows, it was really great to hear Bobby play these tunes. My only wish is that Bobby closed the show rather than open it (not enough Bobby for me). I would have really loved to hear a Lazy Lightning or Blackbird, but you can't have everything. The crowd was really great and security was pretty mellow. God Bless Rat Dog!

Scotty P., Marion, MA
Nearly ten years since we'd seen a show at Great Woods. Kids in tow for this one and they had a great time dancing, running and rolling around in the "Family Zone," which was a roped off area on the lawn - you guessed it - for families only.

Missed the Shakedown to She Belongs because of the brutal traffic coming up through Connecticut. By the time we made it in, the warm up was over and El Paso was rolling along. Got to see Robin on the new stand-up, which soon poured out the steady thump of Corrina. Robin adds such a nice backbone for the band and can produce those thundering bass lines that will shake your chest cavity, though Corrnna was straight ahead tonight--as was the entire show. Should be interesting with these short one setters because it cuts down on both the unwanted noodling and spark of the transitional jams. Whatever your cliche, no doubt that the boys are in synch and the one set format should allow them to really rock on the 10 to 12 songs they play, as long as you can put up with the first couple tunes to work out the kinks.

The heart of the set was the 2 Djinn>T. Stones>Liberty. Nice to see them string together three from the Evening Moods era too with She Says preceding 2 Djinn. Short Throwing Stones tuning before 2 Djinn - too bad not more time because this could have been an interesting jam and nice interplay if they tried a T. Stones>2Djinn>T. Stones. T. Stones saw Bobby singing "too many wars brave the earth today" and a new, harder edged jam leading into the "shipping powders" portion of the song, which I had not see them do before. Closing Liberty was a rocker and no lyrical troubles from Mr. Weir. Overall, not a terribly unusual set list, but solidly played dance music.

AW, Joisey
I took up the Fung Wah from New York to Boston for $15 to make this show; when else would there be a show like this? So they opened up with a solid Shakedown Street, which really got me excited for the rest of the set. Too bad it couldn't keep up. Some songs lacked energy, like El Paso, which in my opinion was a little slow and quiet, while others exploded, like Corrina and Liberty. Overall, the show was a good opener, but Steve Miller Band was amazing, playing everything from The Joker and Livin' in the USA to Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma. And Bobby coming out for Fly Like an Eagle, which was already mind-blowing, took the cake. Good show overall.

Rob, Oyster Bay, NY
I gotta say I had a good time besides the fact Bobby was opening for Steve Miller Band. It would have been better the other way around. The crowd was basically non-existent because the majority were Steve Miller Band fans, but you could pick out who was having a good time and into the music. Liberty and Corinna were show highlights for me. I was very skeptical about what to expect, but I enjoyed it so much that whenever Bobby and Rat Dog comes around the Boston area again or anywhere in N.England for that matter I will make sure that I am there! They definately have stepped it up since the last time I saw them. Good Times!

Andrew, Norfolk, MA